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    Yes, that was one of the key things you needed to mention. The question had a focus on assessing the importance of macroeconomic policies in generating growth, and if you were to say it wasn't particulary effective during a period of high growth, it's also assumed you would expand to explain WHY...
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    HSC Business Studies Exam Thoughts:

    Yes, exchange rates can also be talked about. The syllabus dot points you needed to cover were: 1. Global Economic Outlook 2. Availability of Funds 3. Interest Rates The floating of exchange rates is also a product of change within the global environment, and it has the ability to effect...
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    2U Maths Exam Thoughts

    To be completely honest the exam wasn't too hard when compared to past papers. A few curveballs with the probability & last question for 16 but other than that there wasn't anything too challenging or out of the blue - Some questions just required a bit more of a implicit approach towards it...
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    Employment prospects in the Finance industry.

    Hey guys, I was recently talking to a mate whos been working at Goldman Sachs for 2 years now, and something he said was incredibly interesting to me; Investment Banks & Financial Service Companies are increasingly hiring graduates with STEM related degrees over the traditional commerce &...
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    LAT 2018 Discussion Thread???

    fat oath but honestly most of it was a big bunch of bullshit. I ran out of things to talk about so I started saying the biggest bullshit like how if we raise the minimum legal age to drink alcohol that we risk losing our identity as young Australians, and whilst the general population argue that...
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    Official Cryptocurrency Thread

    "All cryptocurrencies will go to zero." Big no. As long as theres demand for it, Cryptocurrencies will never go to zero - And as long as it has a use case, there will always be demand for it - Look at the currency crises experienced by emerging markets worldwide who’ve turned to crypto as a form...
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    Official Cryptocurrency Thread

    @si2136 do you have any idea what you're talking about? "Unless you pump and dump," Bruh commercial investors aren't multinational funds with billions dollars of liqudiity in their pockets. Whilst yes, Pump and Dumps do happen within Cryptos, its expected to an extent with an unregulated market...
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    help is urgently needed

    What topic is it? If it's a monetary policy essay, I can send you mind. Shit took me forever to understand in Year 11, but its one of those things where once you get it, you get it.
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    Official Cryptocurrency Thread

    The fundamentals haven't changed since bitcoin was at 19k, and if anything there has been improvements (reduced fees & transaction times) and greater development & advancements in the space (ETF Proposals, greater regulation). If you're looking to get into crypto, now is the time to get in, when...
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    Official Cryptocurrency Thread

    Ripple is a momentum coin. Ripple will eventually come back, and with that so will the next bull cycle.
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    Official Cryptocurrency Thread

    Jokes on you guys, just put another $2000 into the market, spread across different alts. IOTA (42c), NEO ($15.40), OMG ($3.43), ZRX (66c). Remind me in December when I make a small fortune :))
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    Cadetships 2018

    Has anyone got a reply from pitchers yet? It closed on the 6th and none of my friends have gotten a reply besides the confirmation email.
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    Art of Travel

    Hey MrSir, if you don't mind, could you also send a copy of the notes over please :) Email: