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    MC Q14 and Q20

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    band 6 cut-off.

    The BSC question left no space for a diagram, I chucked a little one down the bottom
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    Who else is pulling an all nighter for modern?

    I hate to break it to you man writing 4 essays isn't exactly physically draining, harden the fuck up!
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    SC mathematics Marathon

    I hope you all realise that the School Certificate is the most pointless part of your schooling and means shit all in the long run... Maybe go outside and get some fresh air before you start your hsc in a year or so?
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    modern history predictions?

    wallabies I think you're the one who needs to a get a grip you troll
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    Modern History Raw Mark?

    is a 75 raw mark hard to get?
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    HSC students' maths paper 'cruel and difficult' (SMH)

    you know the SMH is desperate when they're getting quotes of a student forum! hahahahaha
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    Modern History Raw Mark?

    What raw mark would be required for a HSC mark of 85 guys?
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    What did everyone put as there preferences ?

    B Eng Civil @UTS B Eng Mechanical @UTS B Eng Electrical @UTS
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    Band 6 cut off speculations??
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    +1 I got 1.025 aswell
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    Engineering Degree hours/week first year?

    Hi I'm planning on doing engineering next year (hopefully at UTS) and was just interested how many hours face to face it involves each week. I assume it's the same regardless of major because first year is common. Also how many hours study do you reckon?
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    Band 6?

    The only thing worse than a student with no idea about scaling, moderation and aligning is a teacher with no idea about scaling, moderation and aligning! haha
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    How'd everyone go?

    Well velocity ratio is distance effort/distance load. So you work out the ratio of sprocket circumferences which was 3, so the circumference of the back wheel (600pie) will move around 3 times every pedal revolution (1800pie). So 1800pie is your distance load and then the distance of the effort...
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    There are that many places you could keep notes on your body lol it's not like they're going to strip search you!
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    FFS! hahaha
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    lol my bad, I do standard english, give me a break! :P
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    Not advocating it but the system places so much pressure on kids these days. You have people ridiculously worked up over their "futures being destroyed" if they don't get the ATAR they need... Considering this is it really that supprising that people get desperate and cheat?
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    How'd everyone go?

    I thought it asked for the current used by the lightbulb?