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    Prediction based on 2003 Results please

    U guys r all fucked, i got 74.10.
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    Prediction based on 2003 Results please

    Thanks guys i appreciate it Do u think i could scrape in for an 80? or am i pushing it?
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    Prediction based on 2003 Results please

    Can i get a prediction based on my results? i would appreciate it..... Exam Mark Asess Mark HSC Band 2 Business Studies 86/100 85/100 86 5 2 Economics 74/100 79/100 77 4 2...
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    so in other words i'm pretty much screwed people? thanks heaps!
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    Hey, i would really appreciate if sum ppl can take a stab at what they fink i will get for my UAI. I go to Blakehurst High School who aint ranked to well but here are my assessment marks and my ranks...thanks..... Business Studies.........4/32 75% Economics...................2/11...
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    How much?

    Dumber, fuck off out of my thread and go and suck sumone's balls. 20 pages is bullshit so go and fuck the guy on the street for all i care u dipshit! u say he's a top bloke, must be because he's kind enuff to fuck u up da ass. Piss off!
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    How much?

    Yeh i understand bout da writing size n all dat, i just wanted an idea to see were i fitted in cauz i was worrying i may have written too little but i'm sure my content was all on the money!
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    How much?

    Yo, how much did u all write for da essays? I aint a speester i wrote 8 pages for Section lll, Question 25 and 11.5 pages for section IV, question 27.
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    Only one essay on Globalisation?!?

    Yeh the paper was pretty good. Well the essays that is. Despite them saying we only had to do one case study, u used two. its better that way cauz u maximise your marks so it was good. How much ya'll write?
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    Raw Marks

    well i am hoping for over 70, if i can get dat i'll be over da moon!!
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    WTF is a J Curve?? If it aint in da syllabus what are u clowns doin learning it?? just shows how stupid u guys r, thank god u dun go to my skool.
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    my answers multiple choice

    Dazed, u obviously dunno shit bout business studies UNfair dismissal laws fuckn PROTECT ppl from being sacked asshole. If there were no laws to protect ppl dipshit then why dun employers just sack retards all da time huh smart guy? they dont! wanna know why? CAUZ UNFAIR DISMISSAL LAWS WILL...
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    How many pages did u write for section 2?

    i did 5 and a half, but my writing was smaller than in my otehr exams i discussed 5 different artists/movemenst and it was all straight to the point so i'm happy i must say section one was fucked
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    How much did you write?

    for q 26 i wrote 12 pages and for q 27 i wrote 7 i dun understand how u ppl can write 2 booklets for each, its impossible. u mustn't have finished the exam or ur bullshitting straight outta ur assholes
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    This is what I think to get 20/20 in multis you needed.......

    Juber, all i gotta say is u da man!! Thank god sumone up in here has common sense
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    Do any of you do Economics?

    i'll start on sat 4 full days is heaps, plus i'm busy this week hehe and btw, i find economics easier than business
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    This is what I think to get 20/20 in multis you needed.......

    dazed are u the retarded person they were referrin to in the exam? it dun say they were dismissed goofball. the fact of teh matter is unfair dismissal laws protect ppl like the person in the question from being dimissed which is what da question asked. u will find that a is the bloody answer and...
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    This is what I think to get 20/20 in multis you needed.......

    Damn i'm pissed off. according to u chrome i got 19/20 : ( for Q10 i was debating between b and d and i finally went with b....stupid me, i shoulda gone wit d, ahh well 19 is pretty damn good too. and who knows chrome, u could be wrong? haha