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    year 12 advice?

    Hey! Extension 1 English: spend time researching and choosing good related material. We were given an assessment task where we had to do a 20-30 minute tutorial/speech on 4 related texts at the end of term 4 due mid-term 1 and we all hated it at the time but it was the most useful thing because...
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    Writing vs Typing notes

    I personally prefer writing, I sometimes find having something written in my own handwriting is easier to remember. I can also format my notes however I want without having to wrangle with Word. If I'm running out of time, I write super messy (but complete) notes on scrap paper, then write them...
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    Type of pen to use

    I use Uniball Signo Gel RT 0.7 for exams and practice exams, whatever pens I can get my hands on for other stuff. My writing is much neater and faster (1200 words/40mins) when I use the nice pens :) Although recently I've had a couple of dodgy ones that have had air bubbles in the ink, and they...
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    study help

    I used my notes to write mind maps of each focus area for maintaining a balance, but then I found that too slow and made a whole bunch of flash cards. I was very last minute and only went through the flash cards once, but writing them out helped me more than anything. So just do anything that...
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    People and politics related material

    I thought we could maybe make a list of possible related texts for all texts in the people and politics elective of module C? I don't know if some related material is good for multiple set texts or not, but at least everything will be in one place. I'm doing Brave New World, and my teacher...
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    Year 11 Subject advice please

    If you don't love English reconsider doing Extension 1, because its a subject you should only do if you are interested in it. I'm not really sure about maths. I'd start in advanced, because you always have the option to drop later. It is very useful for many uni course (I'm assuming you want to...
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    [POLL] When was the latest you studied before an exam? [also kinda urgent]

    For Yr 11 chemistry last year I made the first half of my notes the weekend before a test on Wednesday, it was a very intense weekend that made my hand hurt (I handwrite my notes), but I got 100% on the test. I only did a little bit of revision between the weekend and the test. I then didn't...
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    Is ranked first in every subject necessary?

    Hopefully this example will help: In bio last year I came second in my cohort for internal assessments by about 0.6%. I got 96 in the HSC exam, which was the highest mark of my cohort. So the girl who came first got 96 as her assessment mark, and mine was 95 (because I was close behind her)...
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    HSC Timetable 2017

    Mine is very similar- I have 2U instead of 4U and extension english instead of physics I am also very happy :)
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    Is there any hope?

    If you stay first in the class then the highest HSC examination mark of your cohort and you're examination mark will determine your band, and your assessment mark won't matter. Your assessment mark will be moved to the highest exam mark of you're cohort, eg. if someone else in your class got 93...
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    Romanticism Creative / Discovery Creative HELP

    Can't say that I have any concrete advice- write creatively as much as you can, there are lots of good writing exercises you can probably find on the internet or you could ask your teacher for some. They definitely don't have to be about discovery or romanticism at this point. These exercises...
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    Anyone else doing Max Potential?

    Good on you for doing it :) It is only as stressful as you make it really- if you manage your time around it it is okay, and you can choose a project that you will have time to complete. Also my coach was super nice and made it fairly chilled, although I think she would have been onto me more if...
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    Interactive Model

    Look up videos on youtube for ideas. Some people use lego? Foam balls and pipe cleaners would probably work fine :)
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    Re-Discovering Ideas

    A time capsule. Then you could have a flashback to the person who made the time capsule, and look at how perspectives have changed.
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    Is Iron (Fe) soluble in water.

    I would say no because if you drop iron filings in water they just sink to the bottom, they don't dissolve.
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    videos for the 3 sciences

    There's one for bio on Youtube I think its called crash course. It might have stuff for the other sciences as well
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    How did you find/hear about us?

    Was looking for biology notes and this website came up in a google search
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    I sleep 8-10 hours every night :) Roughly 10/10:30-6:30/7 through the week, and 10/10:30-7:30/8 on weekends I feel really drained by the end of the week if I have less than 8 and a half hours every night.
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    1367 KJ/mol is the molar heat of combustion of ethanol. This is the amount of heat liberated when one mole of ethanol burns. So by dividing the amount of heat required to heat the water (20.064KJ) by the amount produced by burning one mole, you can work out how many moles need to be burnt.
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    Subject help

    I had 14 units last year, 4 of them were accelerated HSC units so I focused on those, but my marks in my other subjects didn't seem to suffer, although I definitely didn't put HSC-level effort in. It was quite stressful though, this year I'm only doing 9 units and its much better, although I...