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    flexible 1st yr and interview

    Zing. Honestly, if you can't get an 80 UAI in some exams that are far, FAR easier then what you'll find in engineering, don't even bother. I warned you.
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    Of course it is. If the ticket is bought on a moshcard, then just buy that physical card. When I used to buy it that way I got a new card every time. Of course if they bought it with their credit card, you're fucked. Unless they want to come to the entry of the gig with you, which is...
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    I really like them, but their show last year was really average.
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    Systematic Chaos

    It's good.
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    Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris (12th of June)

    Can't wait until they come back out. Their Enmore show in 2005 was probably gig of the year that year.
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    "7.2.1 The GWAM used for honours assessment includes all attempts at all units of study completed while a student is enrolled at the University (in both single and combined degree courses). 7.2.2 Units at a level higher than 4 are treated as level 4 units. 7.3 The various classes of honours...
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    What was the last CD you bought?

    I bought the bends last week because I needed a cheap CD and it was $10. Bargin for the genuis that it (and OK Computer, for that matter) holds.
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    The Metal Thread.

    Yep, I've posted here a couple of times. No worries.
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    The Metal Thread.

    LoG Sydney recording is up on my site now (a couple of hours after the gig :P) Enjoy!
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers @ Acer Arena 16.04.07 recording

    Just put it up. Enjoy!
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    what sort of chicks/guys do u HATE the MOST??

    UTS Engineering student: No need to be eliteist. You can get a good UAI even with shit subjects, it's all about effort. Besides, if we're flaming just for the sake of flaming - you go to UTS.
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    Meeting myspace people irl

    Voice of reason. Thanks.
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    Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    :) It will be better than whatever the last recording of mine you heard
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    What album(s) did you listen to today?

    RooK - Transitions Silverchair - Young Modern Silverchair - Neon Ballroom Silverchair - Diorama Birds Of Tokyo - Day One Still to come: Lamb Of God - Sacrament Oceansize - Everyone Into Position For the last couple of months because I've been going to so many gigs I have needed to...
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    Meeting myspace people irl

    As the title suggests.... It's going to be at a gig, so talking isn't really easy. And we're both driving in and meeting there. Just wait until the end of the night and ask for a second date at a more talking friendly place? Just for the record, myspace shits me off but it's pretty handy...
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    Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    I got GA tickets on the first night of Sydney on a 2nd release, loving non-eBay'ed tickets. Going to the 2nd night as well.
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    new silverchair

    Best album of the year so far. I don't think it will stand because this year is pretty amazing with potential releases. Fucking good.
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    Dear god, put your phones on silent.

    Posting in a thread about a 1st year student.
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    Tool @ Sydney Entertainment Centre 24.01.07 recording

    I'm not going to copy and paste it, I've already got it on the link I posted.
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    Tool @ Sydney Entertainment Centre 24.01.07 recording Go get it! Fucking amazing gig.