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    what causes break ups in a relationship?

    You're just not that into them...or it's a toxic relationship...or you have different life goals ^^^
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    I need depressing movies to watch!!

    Donny Darko
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    Working gap year

    You can defer for a year with your university and also you can always reapply if you like (plus there's option of going as a mature age student at 21). So you've got plenty of options. It's so much easier to get into uni than school makes out, they may even take work experience into consideration
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    What are you currently Reading?

    Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. As usually...her books are amazing
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    losing weight?

    The best way to do a diet is not look at it as a diet. I know that sounds counterintuitive...but if you deny yourself certain foods you will be thinking about them all the time. Just eat mindfully, slowly, make smaller portions, choose healthier options, eat when your actually hungry, stop when...
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    Looking for underrated horror films

    Definitely the Babadook or the Witches (you can find on Netflix) and also perfume...not exactly a horror bit super disturbed
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    Favourite Movies.

    Moulin Rouge! Baz Lurhman is my God
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    Travelling within Australia

    I think the west coast & east coast of Australia are really beautiful. I think the east coast drive from Sydney to Byron or further is great plus so many cool beaches/towns to stop at along the way
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    Relationships & HSC

    Depends if you are really keen on who your with or not. I would never say break up with someone just because you're doing the HSC...HSC isn't life! But if you're thinking relationship is going to end I'd address it before HSC so you don't have to deal with it during
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    The Shittest Movie Ever.

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    Worthy cause, but could not do it! Meat & Dairy are my life
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    Does God exist?

    Humans create God! It's that simple
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    Am I alone in hating airplane food?

    Absolutely love airplane food! There are only 2 choices so you know you'll like whatever you get hahah