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    Term 3 2019 Results Discussion Thread

    z516... ======================================================== T3 INFS2603 Business Analysis................85 HD T3 MATH2831 Linear Models....................94 HD T3 MGMT1001 Managing Organisations&People....95 HD ========================================================
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    Term 1 2019 Results Discussion Thread

    Not too sure how science works but for business i can say they dont always notify you if you come 1st ~ you should email your LIC and ask for your rank if you dont receive any emails soon
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    Term 1 2019 Results Discussion Thread

    if you have a nice lic ask if they can bump you up to 85 for them ~ some lecturers are willing
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    Term 1 2019 Results Discussion Thread

    yeah infs is the biggest wam killer ever :(
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    Term 1 2019 Results Discussion Thread

    yeah not looking forward to results
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    Change in ASB Dean's List Criteria

    What do you guys reckon is the highest business WAM for stage 2? Id guess someone doing 4 subjects might have got 94 or 95ish
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    Q about textbooks

    Wait until first lecture/tute. Econ1101 might still use their playconomics thing which is an online textbook they made specifically for the course and you kinda needa buy it to do the weekly quizzes for it (if they havent changed the format). Acct1501 dont think youd need the latest version...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    If you mean the flex-core courses econ1102, acct1511, fins1613 and infs1602 should be pretty good. All are level one courses and they arent too hard. Fins1613 and econ1102 do have a bit of math but its mainly rearranging equations/multiplying etc so you should be fine there. Infs1602 is no math...
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    Change in ASB Dean's List Criteria

    One of my friends emailed the relevant people and asked and they said they would estimate 86 for stage 1 and 85 for stage 2 and 3 noting that students wams are concentrated around the lower cut offs for deans list
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    Best Undergraduate Course for Medicine Via GAMSAT

    A friend who did the GAMSAT in his 2nd year of uni (and got 97 percentile) told me that the sciences section is easy to learn by yourself so dont pick a course based on whether youll learn enough science from it (He also did that gamsat prep degree from UOW and said it was useless for the test)...
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    Atar for Medicine

    Depends on the university - UNSW average is 99.60 (Can get in with high 98 atar and high UMAT) USYD double degree is 99.95 UWS/Newcastle - Is a hurdle of about 96.5 atar (iirc) Most of the interstate unis are high atar (Flinders i think was 99.8+ for example, UQLD maybe 99+)
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    What to Drop !?

    Keep eco/adv eng/modern/2u math for sure. The debate is between legal and biology since your not super interest in them. If you equally hate both subjects then stick with legal becuase your rank is better. If however you like biology and reckon youll want to study it more than legal (and you get...
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    UNSW chit chat thread

    ^^ Already regretting doing 1131. After doing no maths for nearly 2 years, vectors is making me go crazy.
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    Anyone else suffering HSC trauma even after uni?

    You can probably join some of your uni's organisations, volunteer, work, learn a new skill set etc.
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    UMAT Medentry Section 1 Question

    My memory is kind of fuzzy but im pretty sure medentry when i did it said that real UMAT was going away from the "puzzle type questions" and by puzzle type questions i mean ones where you need to crack a code using numbers and letter combinations etc. In the real UMAT there was quite a few...
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    Umat 2018

    Yeah i would love to give you advice on how to well in section 2 but i have no idea. In 2016 when i guessed most of them/relied on gut feeling i thought i bombed section 2 and ended up getting like 62 for it. In 2017 when i practiced more and gave more thought to my answers in the test i bombed...
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    Umat 2018

    Don't neglect vocab obviously but the hardest word in the paper was solicitous. Everything else was legit just normal words. There was a higher emphasis on knowing exactly what the person in the passage felt because when i looked at the answers most of them usually sounded right and had some...
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    Binders/Folders vs Notebooks vs Laptop

    I used a laptop and just made folders for each subject with folders within the folder for the subject. E.g. I had a folder for Chemistry. Inside that folder i would have folders for the 4 modules. Inside the module acidic environment i would have folders for past questions for that topic, my...