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  1. Lina3

    Music when u study?

    Yes. The music is always either Classical/Baroque/Romantic or film soundtracks. It depends on the work though. If its just background reading, I listen to music. However, when it comes to actually writing an essay, its better to have a quite environment. Hope that helped :)
  2. Lina3

    planning on transfering into law! please explain

    Hi :) We were just talking about this on another forum. It seems that in order to have a very high chance of making it in, you need an ATAR of 98+ and HD Average or an ATAR of 99+ and at least a D average.
  3. Lina3

    Socialist Alternative Nuisances?

    I was naive enough to actually stop and talk to a few of them at O-week. Their causes were something of interest to me. But as soon as one of them said something to the effect of "We do not agree with the ideology of Stalin, we follow the writings of Leon Trotsky (whom you probably haven't heard...
  4. Lina3

    Law transfer!

    I heard that for internal transfers a distinction average is considered 'competitive'. However, I have a friend who does law and he said that in order to have a realistic chance of getting a transfer is by having an ATAR of 98+ and a HD average. This is for internal transfers though, maybe...
  5. Lina3

    Failed BUSS1001

    You can easily appeal at Absent Fail (AF) result if you believe it to be incorrect . However, this is not high school. At university (well, at least Usyd) they are very reluctant to enter into any negotiation about marks if no obvious error has been made (such as not recording a mark for one of...
  6. Lina3

    Currently in year 11 and contemplating on whether or not i should move schools?

    My two cents worth: I think you should only move if being at that school makes you really really unhappy, not because of the distance. That being say that your teachers are not helpful, but in a 500's ranked school that's not likely to improve. Also, why do you not have friends? If...
  7. Lina3

    Is it worth doing a Arts degree?

    Doing an Arts degree on its own is risky (career-wise), but doing a BA in a double degree is certainly a bonus...provided your major is in some way related to your other degree. It is true that many of the things you learn in arts you can just learn in your own time through the internet and...
  8. Lina3

    Sydney Winter School-Worth it?

    I've just been offered a Winter School scholarship for one of my Semester 2 Units of Study, and I'm not sure whether to accept it. It is a partial scholarship. Instead of $3600 I'll be paying around the same amount as a semester 2 UoS (maybe even a little more), so there is really no financial...
  9. Lina3

    Comm/Sci UNSW vs Comm/Sci USYD?

    Well, at first I thought Usyd had a lot of Asians...then one day I went to UNSW and realized just how white Usyd is lol :P Regarding OP: Although I do neither of these courses and go to the University of Sydney (and love it so far!), I heard that UNSW was higher ranked for both Commerce and...
  10. Lina3


    Yes,I've heard that there is no scaling...but I cannot understand how they can just abandon scaling altogether. Don't they want to maintain a bell curve. What about the WAM? Does that mean that has to be replaced as well?
  11. Lina3

    Students who did not do well in the HSC?

    Don't worry, there are quite a few people I know that are in this situation. I think for most, it just takes a while to get used to the learning style of uni. For me it turned out the other way around, I got an unremarkable ATAR (in the 80's) and now averaging HD for three out of four of my...
  12. Lina3

    Exchange to England?

    I asked at an exchange lecture at O-week. The short answer is no. I'm sorry to disappoint you...the lady said that super prestigious, world-brand universities are normally not interested in doing student exchanges. One of the reasons universities agree to take on student exchange is to boost...
  13. Lina3

    Does a source that you often refer to need constant in text referencing?

    Just a quick question. I'm writing a critical article review of an journal article. Naturally, I always refer to the author of that article as I consider their main points eg "Smith claims that..." "Smith's assertion is that..." what I want to ask, is do I need to use the year each time I...
  14. Lina3

    Is it easy getting an atar above 90?

    I suppose getting 90 is achievable for the majority of people with the right mind set. It does depend on the scaling of your subjects though. Some one above said that getting one or two band 6's and some band 5's will take you up to about 94. I got 2 band 6's and the rest band 5's and ended up...
  15. Lina3

    Anyone else's uni experience like this?

    My 2 cents worth...I actually think that HS is socially worse than Uni is (what I've experiences so far). In High School, you're pretty much pigeonholed into a certain group from the age 12 or 13 and most likely, hang out with the same sort of people. I was terribly shy at the beginning of High...
  16. Lina3

    Students who did not do well in the HSC?

    In theory, it is possible for a student who didn't do all that well in the HSC to do well in Uni. However, if your study habits are bad to begin with, it probably won't happen from your very first assignment. I've heard of a girl who got an ATAR in the 60's, but is now getting all-round HD's...
  17. Lina3

    Studying in England?

    England is expensive. I've looked at studying and living in London and its just not affordable for most people, unless you want massive debts at the end of it. Don't even get me started on Oxbridge....
  18. Lina3

    Bad marks

    Yeah, I've heard that pretty much everyone gets a bad shock when they get to uni. We were even told by our degree advisor to EXPECT marks in the 50-70% range at first, even if we used to get 80's and 90's at school. I'm terrified coz my first assessment is due in a week. I have to summarise and...
  19. Lina3

    Missed first two weeks

    Hi :) I do LNGS1001 and have made my own recordings of the lectures. They're in mp4 format (I know, weird) and are no where near the quality that they could have been had the lecturer recorded them... but I can try to send them to you if you feel like recordings would help.
  20. Lina3

    Is it ok to still keep custumising your timetable?

    Wait lol nevermind...just realised that I literally changed my times hours before I could no longer change them. Didn't realise you weren't allowed to change them after week 1. My bad.