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    Life 4 years on from a 99 ATAR

    Haha yezzir! Econ was definitely my thing. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Life 4 years on from a 99 ATAR

    I finished my HSC in 2015! Was just on here digging up some of my past advice posts to help my brother who is now on his HSC journey. Oh the glory days... I was wondering, who would be keen if I did an in depth post recapping core HSC strategies to maximise your marks AND set yourself up for...
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    A Collection of HSC Advice

    Thanks to everyone for the support - great to see that this post has been viewed nearly 7,000 times... And that doesn't include the original post in 2015!!
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    Weird monetary policy MC?

    Thanks for the correction there and explanation. I agree with you in that from a HSC perspective, it's extremely unreasonable to expect students to achieve C.
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    Weird monetary policy MC?

    Sure man. So when the RBA sells the second hand securities to banks, it will withdraw money from the banks exchange settlement accounts. This then decreases the total value of money in the ESA’s, and with less supply, the price of borrowing goes up. Then we come to yield, which just means return...
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    Weird monetary policy MC?

    Hi guys, Just looking at this question and I thought the answer would be D for sure, but the marking criteria says C: 18. What is the effect of the RBA selling short-term securities in the overnight money market? (a) The price and yields of short-term securities would decrease. (b) The...
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    Am I doomed to get a low ATAR cause of general math?

    I dropped from mathematics to general maths purely for the sake the relationship between the easy of getting a high mark and it's scaling. It actually scales almost as well as mathematics, and when you take into account how much easier a mark of 90 is in general for many people it makes much...
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    Am I doomed to get a low ATAR cause of general math?

    I got 99.65 with General Maths (see sig). A 90+ ATAR is easy with General. It's once you start aiming above 98 that scaling starts to really take it's toll.
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    Calculation questions in HSC exam?

    BLIT's reply seems to be referencing a different subject? And it is good to have an understanding of them but from my recall they are not specified in the syllabus and so should not be assessed. The only calculation really 'allowed' is the file size of a database. I had an idea of how they...
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    Past Papers (Prelim)?

    There's a few in the resources section, definitely worth checking them out - I recall at least one Independent paper being uploaded.
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    China case study bad idea for state rank?

    Completely agree, except I feel even beyond just studying - even in terms of life and the world, following China's developments are really interesting and vital to know about, especially for the future of a nation such as Australia.
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    Simple question about the External and Internal influences of McDonalds.

    Hard to say without a detailed knowledge of Mcdonalds, but using my general knowledge I would suggest: 1) It has provided an opportunity to streamline processes (e.g. digital ordering), made the company have a much more public presence through what consumers say about it on social media which...
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    Who actually manages to finish assessments before the due date?

    The English assessment I did best in throughout the whole year from my recall was the one where I did it most last minute - that's English though, the sketchiest and most subjective subject in my opinion Heck even business studies I ran out of time to sort out all of my operations notes cause I...
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    Problem accessing HSC papers

    Interesting cause I had this problem starting a few weeks ago, and thought the site was down till I changed from Chrome to Safari
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    Who actually manages to finish assessments before the due date?

    To be honest there were many times when I did the same thing - it worked out fine, but it is a bit risky
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    Help with short answer question

    No worries!
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    China case study bad idea for state rank?

    My post before was just a joke about why I didn't state rank In general I agree with you though - kind of like my business studies strategy where I only used hypothetical case studies cause I don't really think it matters that that much though, plus to be honest China in the past few months...
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    Help pleasee

    5) sounds like an hold HSC question that isn't relevant to the current syllabus to me, I would think it would be C or D though 6) is D, and it's the only internal thing
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    Marketing Plan

    Not too sure what your assignment is asking, cause if it is what I think it is I would try to find something that goes off the marketing processes section of the syllabus really well - which would be hard to find.