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    ECOP or ECON?!?!

    You're right about the major. I just assumed someone doing Media&Comm wouldn't be majoring in ECOP. But, according to the UOS Handbook, you can still take the senior units with ECOP1003 as a prerequisite (I did and I didn't do International Studies).
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    ECOP or ECON?!?!

    That's not entirely true. Only the Economic Policy subject requires ECOP1002. All other senior subjects will accept ECOP1003 as a prerequisite.
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    Chances of getting into USYD law?

    At Sydney Uni it's called the Broadway scheme. You can read about it here - It's for students that have had long-term educational disadvantages. There are a whole lot of different criteria for that - e.g. going to a rural school...
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    Unit of Study Outline Exchange

    It would be great if someone could upload GOVT2210 - International Risk Analysis.
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    Important Dates, 2007

    Draft exam timetable is out -
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    Union Board Elections 2007

    Re: The Official Union Board Elections 2007 Thread No, as much as I dislike NOLS, their campaigners are normally far better informed than amazerxl..
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    Union Board Elections 2007

    Re: The Official Union Board Elections 2007 Thread You're fine, unless when you signed up for your Access card you specifically ticked the box that said 'I don't want to be a Union member'.
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    How to know where a subject is if you're not enrolled in it!

    1. Go to 2. For Booking Domain select 'Central Booking Office' 3. For Kind select 'Timetable' 4. Enter a date the class would be on 5. Click on Client/UOS to sort the results alphabetically
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    Where did all the stalls go!

    You don't need an Access card to join debating, because signing up to debating is just being put on the email list. We hold social debates every Wednesday night (the first week of each semester is a demonstration debate) and anyone can participate in them. You will need an Access card if you...
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    Lanuage classes

    Yes. All language classes should start in the 1st week. Check your timetable though and see if the tutes say weeks 1-13 or 2-13.
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    BoS O-Week Meatup '07 TOMMOROW - 12PM - FISHER - BE THERE!!!!

    Re: BoS O-Week Meatup '07 I'll be on the Debates stall at 12, you could come and say hi to me.
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    Uni gyms

    No, $37 is the Union's fee (which is completely separate to the Sports Union). I really like group fitness. It's a good workout, there are lots of different types of classes and they play pop music! There are a lot more girls than guys in the classes. It's a bit like doing those Aerobics...
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    What Clubs and Socs are you joining this year?

    Most clubs will charge about $5 if you have an Access card.
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    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    Viv's really great. :) You'll have a good day...
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    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    Don't worry if your mentor hasn't sent you anything yet. I haven't emailed my group, I'll probably just message them on Sunday. I'm a blue group mentor, btw.
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    Unit of Study Outline Exchange

    Great idea Stas. :)
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    You can buy your Access card online at and just pick it up at uni.
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    First-year history

    I took HSTY1076 and HSTY1044. I loved American History but found 20th Century Politics very boring. I think this was mainly because of the differences between the lecturers (I just tune out with a bad lecturer). If you've done modern history at school, you might be familiar with a lot of the...
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    BoS USyd Roll Call 2007! - UPDATED 19/1

    Re: BoS USyd Roll Call 2007! Bachelor of Economic and Social Sciences III
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    Does Sydney have ilecture?

    Depends on the unit/individual lecturer. I've taken history subjects that didn't have recorded lectures..