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    AUSTRALIA 1945-1983!!NEED NOTES PLZZZZZZ.Im desperate

    are u serious, this is a topic!!!! that sucks!!!! mmm.... sorry i can't help u, i'm doing ireland (pft its just as bad) but it shouldn't be soooo bad mmmm.... well have fun i guess luv mal
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    Family law crisis

    hello all, well i got an assessment today and well i really don't know how to approach it, help? 'Evaluate the effectiveness of the legal system in protecting the rights of family members in crisis' thanks, luvs Mal
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    Help Really Needed Here!!!!

    thanks thats a really big help MAL
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    Help Really Needed Here!!!!

    hi, well i have my half yearly and we have to do an essay question (which i'm assuming will be) the 'assess the effectiveness of the legal system', soooo how would i structure a question like this? thanks Mal
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    Perspectives of Trotsky

    Hi peps, well i have a question coz i don't understand how to approach this question for my test; 'Assess two differing perspectives/interpretations of the impact of Trotsky' Could someone please help me, i don't know where to start on this thankyou muchly luv mal
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    hello peps, well i need to ask a favour, would anyone know some really good historian sources that i could use in relation to; -Trotsky ideology -Trotsky role 1917-1924 -Trotsky's struggle with Stalin Thank u muchly :) luv mal
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    Has anyone done stolen as dialogue, coz i don't know what i could use for related texts for it. mmmm... i need to get an understanding of the characters; if anyone has a summary of the characters that would really help (just to compare with my own notes) thanks much appreciated luv mal
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    first hand investigation

    thank u thats a BIG help
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    first hand investigation

    hi all, well i have this investiagtion and i need info about acidic, and base products i can find around the home, and if u could tell me whether u know for sure that they are acidic or base. Thank u, it would really help luv mal
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    legal dilemma

    hi all, well i have an assessment task and it states (criminal law) 'determine the rights of the community, victim and accused and its balance', well i was wondering if someone knew these rights. I can find the rights of the accused but not sure about the community or victim. Thanks guys it...
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    Chemistry Class of 2007: Roll Call

    YAY I'M ONE OF U!!!! so proud! I'm doing ship wreck coz i'm not very good at chem and i was told this was the most simple ha fun fun!!!!! oh well have fun peps!
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    This years IP's

    I have no idea what i'm really doing, but i have hardly any ideas. I know what i want, like a controversial piece, or something epic and absurd mmm... but now i don't know. but do costume, that would be really fun! luv mal
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    drama monologues

    Hello peps How are we all? anyways, i was told by a nice person to ask my question here. I have a play that i'm really interested in 'kennedy's children' where i could play two characters, Carla (a marilyn Monroe figure) or Mark (a war vet). They are both interest (even it doesn't sound like it)...
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    The Boxer

    I was wondering if i could use 'The Boxer' by Simon and Garfunkle as my related text for physical journeys thanks
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    Drama Monologues

    Yeah i've googled, but i'll look again. mmmm... not sure about writing my own piece, scared i would stuff it up. I found a play called Kennedy's children, but i like one of the male characters. Can i still play that character, but not take on the full persona (of being a male character, maybe...
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    Drama Monologues

    Hi well i have a bit of a problem, i can't find a dramatic monologue i like. I want one that has some relevance to the wars or mmm... Kennedy's death any ideas? thank you