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    english band 6. How?

    Never lose hope, especially with English. I got 7/10 and 7/15 for my first two assessment tasks for English Advanced and by the end of the HSC I woke up, looked at my results and saw 91/100 HSC mark and 92/100 examination mark. Also, if you achieve 78+ in your trial examination, you're looking...
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    Food Technology Q&A Thread 2014

    You can also mention governmental health promotion initiatives such as 'Swap it don't stop it' Some tactics the media use; - Colour psychology e.g. Fast food chains use red, orange and yellow to stimulate hunger - Psychological pricing - Omission - Limited time sales - Cross promotion -...
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    functional foods vs. nutrtionally modifed foods

    When you mention functional foods, you should classify them into both natural and artificial. The term 'Superfood' is, however, the same thing as a NATURAL functional food as if contains active biological compounds like i mentioned before (e.g. goji Berries, chia seeds etc)
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    functional foods vs. nutrtionally modifed foods

    Functional Foods: Natural or processed foods that contain biologically active compounds that enhance the well-being of those who consume them. E.g. Yacult contains probiotics which enhances gastrointestinal health (processed) or Goji Berries, which contain antioxidants that neutralise free...
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    Depends on the workload, but I usually rest for 8hours. :)
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    Half Yearly Results

    :wavey: How'd everyone go with their half yearlies?? :cool:
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    Holiday Tasks

    League of legends, Minecraft, notes, past papers, essays for modern history and read a whole heap of notes for Module B Hamlet :}
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    Holiday Tasks

    What have you guys completed in the 2week break? :jump: :tongue:
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    Modern History Essay Guide

    I know this may sound ridiculous, but how do you structure a logical and cohesive band 6 response in relation to the questions that ask "How useful are sources .... in your response consider the reliability and perspective of each." These questions so confusing :[. :spzz: