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    I'm done as of 3PM on Thursday the 30th. 6 exams in 10 days.
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    How long before the end did you leave?

    I "finished" in 45 minutes. Pity I had to wait till 3 o'clock to go out.
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    it was so hard~

    I skipped way too much of that paper... and yeah, it's meant to end at like 11:30. I got out about an hour early. It wasn't _that_ hard I don't think, or at least, it wouldn't have been if I had've studied at all. No more maths EVER. Seriously.
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    Son of a...

    No more maths until Wednesday! :rolleyes:
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    Son of a...

    I have the paper with me now and that's extremely well typed.
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    Son of a...

    Coming from a 3 unit student, that was a bit of a bitch of an exam. I had a glance at question 9 and 10 and pretty much just gave up on the spot (okay, so admittedly I never took the time to study either). Non attempt on question 10, hooray! :chainsaw:
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    List of HSC markers

    Just put some kind of tracking device on your exam paper?
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    hand writing

    When they use a laptop they have to disable spell check and the like.
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    hand writing

    Only if they can't read it properly. My friend (with perfectly decent hand-writing) somehow managed to scam a way to do all his exams on a laptop by deliberately writing bad... bastard!
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    How much did you write?

    About 1 and a half pages for each section.... FAIL! And although it's quality over quantity, I can assure you I had neither.
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    First out

    Damn I failed that bad. About half of Standard seemed to leave before it ended.
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    How much sleep did you get?

    I turned nocturnal in the holidays before the exams... so I ended up waking up at about 4PM on Sunday afternoon and staying up until 6PM Monday afternoon (after 2 fun exams). I woke up at 11:30 last night and I've been up ever since... ugh tiiiiired.
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    how was the exam?

    Uh the mantra was terrible. Question 3 (the structure part, anyway) wasn't too nice either. I swear it was impossible to find a pulse in that melodic dictation...
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    WHo has forgotten about Change in question 2?

    It would seem pretty much everyone from my school didn't write much about change... myself included :rolleyes:.