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    HSC marks & scaling

    Sorry as in the high HSC mark aligns with a low ATAR for that subject
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    HSC marks & scaling

    Hey everyone. My marks were the following: English Adv: 80 Maths Adv: 84 Legal Studies: 86 Industrial Technology: 96 PDHPE: 85. Would these subjects scale well this year? Predicted is 86 ATAR which is what I need anyway but Industrial Technology scales down to something like a 92 which is...
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    12 units - should I fake COVID RAT's with soda to avoid this Physics exam?

    I'm in a dilemma. I have 2 exams left, both being PDHPE and Physics, which are respectively on the 2nd and 3rd. I'm rank 1 in PDHPE meaning I cannot neglect it and I'm frantically making sure I have the syllabus memorised and I have enough practice up my sleeve. On the other hand, I haven't had...
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    People who didn't get the required ATAR for your course: what are you doing now?

    With HSC exams in 4 days, I'm trying to reaffirm that the ATAR does not matter. However, considering I want to get into the faculty of design, architecture and building at USYD, the possibility of not getting the required ATAR still makes me nervous. So, people who needed to get a certain ATAR...
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    How should I plan my study from now up until HSC exams?

    Even though I don't require an ATAR for my first preference (flying school), I still want to achieve an ATAR of at least 80 so that I can do my second preference if I need to stop flying school for whatever reason. However, I'm not sure how to plan my studies from now till my exams. I want to...
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    Standard deviation problem (pls help)

    Thanks! Can you please elaborate on the z-score part? I thought 68% of scores lie between -1 and 1 so shouldn't it be -3 and 3 to include the 84%? Soz, don't remember anything about this topic.
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    Can I still get an ATAR of 80+?

    2020: 1 2019: 2 2017: 2 2016: 2
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    Can I still get an ATAR of 80+?

    Hi. Recently got my marks and some ranks back for all subjects after trials. These are my overall marks: I've been doing 1 past paper per 2 days for maths so I'm really trying to bounce back from that result, but I'm super disappointed about English and Physics because I was going so well but...
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    USYD or Torrens?

    Before you read, just know that you don't have to know anything about my preferred degree to answer it. I'll be very general to make it easier. If you laughed at that question, I completely get it. However, I'm in a little bit of a dilemma as I can't determine which university would be 'better'...
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    Where did I go wrong for this projectile motion problem?

    Criteria uses Sx = (43.3)(5.1). Why? I thought that would only give you the range for one half of the parabola.
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    [FEEDBACK PLEASE] Explain the rehabilitation procedures and “Return to Play” strategies for your injury AND justify your selections.

    Rehabilitation is a process which aims to put an athlete back on the field as quickly as possible. However, to ensure that an athlete will not worsen their condition as they begin playing their sport again, “Return to Play” strategies should be implemented. A hamstring tear involves a rip in the...
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    Should I drop physics? New teacher is dreadful.

    Hey everyone. Recently we got this new science teacher who has never taught the physics course before. Due to a teacher shortage, our school has not been able to hire any physics teachers and we've been left with nobody who can actually teach the course. Initially, we did have a physics...
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    Did you ever get a couple of bad marks in year 12 and end up graduating with a good ATAR?

    Wow, seems like you are in a very competitive cohort. I got 44/50 for an ENG ADV task recently comprised of 3 tasks (imaginative [95%], discursive [80%] and reflection [90%]) and ranked first. Best of luck.
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    What does 'practicing' something actually mean, and what happens in the brain as we do so?

    I see countless Matrix and ATAR Notes articles/forums which illustrate the importance of practicing a subject like maths. I would consider that, by doing HSC questions alongside my textbook questions, I am 'practicing.' However, what actually happens in our brains as we do more and more maths...
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    Does anyone have a list of crime LCM sorted into themes and challenges?

    If you have any please post below.
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    (read desc) Am I burnt out? What can I do?

    Judging by my grades (mostly A's, some B's) I would say that I am a pretty capable student. However, I keep having these phases where I find it exceedingly challenging to focus and use the logical part of my brain to solve problems. At one point, I might be able to solve a problem perfectly...
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    Can I please have some feedback on my discursive text?

    But if you have already started, go ahead :). Early feedback more than appreciated. I would appreciate the feedback. Thanks :-)