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  1. EarthSci34

    Is it going to be tough getting 95+ ATAR at a school ranked in the 150-200

    This was exactly the scenario my when I took my HSC exams. I ended up with an ATAR higher than 95 :D don't underestimate the mainstream classes- back at my school one of the high achievers came from one of those classes :-)
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    Can I get a high ATAR with these low-scaling subjects?

    Yup, I personally know who this guy is :') He's such an inspiration!! :D And answering the OP's question, yes a high ATAR with low scaling subjects is possible. I know heaps of people who did "low-scaling subjects" but smashed the HSC exams to get a pretty decent, if not impressive ATAR. The...
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    Usyd dux/future leaders scheme

    Hello :) Unfortunately that's how this entry scheme works; I'm very sorry but there's not much I can do in that department. ^___^ There's been cases like that, but usually internal marks give a good indication of who will perform well in the external exam (not always, but it is a strong...
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    Usyd dux/future leaders scheme

    Hello :-) I'm a student ambassador for the University of Sydney, and I have quite a bit of experience working with alternate pathways. There's no certain ATAR concession for any particular degree available for these entry schemes-- but rather the University just fills-in the set amount of...
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    What time do we get emailed our marks?

    I remember getting my results around 5:40-ish in the morning (It was early haha)
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    Is anyone scared for tomorrow????

    Just hold on everyone-- the wait is almost over :) talk to friends, watch a great movie or play some video games. Do something that relaxes you because all the marks are in and nothing can be done. Take a deep breath and hope everything will be okay. Best of luck to everyone tomorrow! :D
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    Psychology or Speech Pathology

    Hi! :D After browsing through the responses, I agree generally with them :) Speech Pathology jobs are quite competitive in the city (e.g. Sydney). However, there are opportunities to get job experience rurally or having a locum position. However, talk around my Uni is that it is generally...
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    VCE Results/ATARS leaked early

    I saw on FB this news page on how this guy got 99.05 while having 2 girlfriends during the year...? (or he had 2 girlfriends in the span of his VCE year...?)
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    Can a non-high ranked high school student get a high ATAR?

    Short answer to your question: Yes, it is very possible. I've met heaps of students from local public high schools gaining very good marks despite the low ranking of their school. Takes a lot of hard work and determination-- but certainly doable.
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    Hey Pakisman :) It's really easy to be overwhelmed with the overwhelming expectations of not only your parents, but generally your social sphere (as you attend a selective school). Burning out (during the HSC) has always been something that was creeping at the back of my mind, but gladly I...
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    Great coping strategies (especially with the Bee Filter). Found myself chuckling a little bit haha
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    Excessive ATAR: Useless?

    Tbh I don't think getting an "excessive ATAR" (whatever that may subjectively mean) is useless. The point of getting the highest ATAR that you can is to maximise your choice of degrees. Don't quote me on this, but I think ATARs still play a role after Year 12 if you want to do a transfer. Hence...
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    Catcher In The Rye and Robert Browning Comparison

    Well, to get you started, Catcher in the Rye was published in 1951, a few years after WWII. Many Americans were deployed overseas and saw first hand the horrors of warfare (technological warfare also emerged during this time, e.g. Hiroshima bombing, etc). Salinger was actually deployed overseas...
  14. EarthSci34

    Year 10: Sending Results to the Board of Studies?

    It's usually just for your Record of Student Achievement, which is important if you intend on dropping out of school and going into an apprenticeship. Your employer refers to this document as proof of your academic results. However, if you finish high school these credentials are not considered...
  15. EarthSci34

    How does analysis in Ext1 differ from Advanced?

    Hello Mollytee, The main difference in Advanced and Extension is basically the depth of knowledge required. For Advanced, you're basically brushing on 3 modules, most of which focus on different aspects of understanding and analysing texts (e.g. Mod A is about comparison, Mod B is about...
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    PLEASE HELP! Combined Law at USYD via Broadway Scheme?

    Hey HLS, I'm a Student Ambassador for the University of Sydney and just attended a law promotion seminar recently. Due to the strong demand of law, realistically even with the Broadway Scheme you are looking at 98+. For your second question, I'm not too sure, but it may count as grounds for...
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    Falling for my best friend(girl)

    Oh I didn't even see this! Hoorayyy love conquers all! (Including awkward transitions from best friends to erm... hahaha)
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    Scientific paradigm for the spy who came in from the cold

    Well, just remember that not all the texts in ATB are meant to be exploring all the paradigms in depth. However, there is indeed a sense underlying despair as a result of the proliferation of the socio-political conflict between the capitalist west and communist east. In terms of science, the...
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    Falling for my best friend(girl)

    Take a leap of faith and tell her! You've got the world to gain... and well, hopefully experience minimal losses. I mean... if you're afraid of risking your friendship, then just think about if she gets a boyfriend. Pretty sure you'll get hurt (as you are harbouring feelings for her) and in...
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    Not doing as well as I hoped? :(

    Seeing as your HSC is next year, don't worry :) Learn from your mistakes and keep persisting! Always remember that up until you put your pen down for your last HSC examination, there's a chance to improve your marks. Oh, and make sure to review your learning processes. Figure out what isn't...