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    I need help getting into medicine!

    That's correct and it's always been like that
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    HSC 2013-14 MX1 Marathon (archive)

    Re: HSC 2013 3U Marathon Thread not as far as I know
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    HSC 2013-14 MX1 Marathon (archive)

    Re: HSC 2013 3U Marathon Thread Here's a trick one for you guys:
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    AWFUL UMAT? Is this the end of undergraduate medicine for me?

    That's pretty exaggerated. Yes there are training hurdles along the way but job security is much much higher than other jobs out there. Yes, you can go rural but if you decide to be do Obs and Gynae and then decide to be a urogynaecologist that only focuses on urinary incontinece well yes, it...
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    AWFUL UMAT? Is this the end of undergraduate medicine for me?

    Try again. Simple. I got even lower than that the first time around. The second and third times were the same for me. Bond and JCU were my only realistic chances. Miss JCU after school and got into Bond for 2011 entry. Focus on doing a course like med sci or advanced sci if you believe you...
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    Undergrad at UNSW

    85%tile... Just bear in mind though, if you really do well in one component e.g. ATAR of 99.95 or thereabouts or Umat of near 100th percentile, you need lower marks of the other. Also, if you don't get in one yr because of either a low ATAR or umat, you can always repeat the umat. I advised a...
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    What was your childhood dream job, and what is it now?

    Then: Doctor Now: Medical student so soon to be a doctor! Ah the actor and doctor combo above reminds me of Arrested Development and Tobias!
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    Frankenstein/blade runner help!

    PM me I may be able to help
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    Mate my mum forwarded me the article about you and Varun in the paper! Top stuff!
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    Maths videos from a maths teacher

    Wow good job on making the vids!
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    Graphing Question

    Just substitue a range of x values bearing in mind that the [ ] can't be less than or equal to zero. Once you create a tabe of values go from there and plot. Make sure to show the asymptote Should look like this...
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    Half-Yearly Plans

    Go for it if you like. It couldn't hurt to consolidate what you have learnt, and if you get bored of that, then you can move on!
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    how to study for maths

    Yeah in our day it was like 4U is really like a 3U course whilst 3U literally feels like 1U and for 2U when we had to occasionally sit the exams in case we dropped out, we would not even open a book the night before, just walk in, finishing the exam in half the allocated time and walk out of the...
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    What is a workshop? 1st yr student:)

    Depends on what course you do
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    Mayor insists that NSB + NSG should become partially selective schools?

    Absolute rubbish. Selective schools should be just that, selective. Part-selective should mean that there are classes of selective and other classes of comprehensive, not mixed, otherwise it defeats the purpose and just implies students are on scholarship.
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    Good weekly salary for a uni student

    $500/week isn't much for a tutor who's smart about it. One of my tutors was getting at least $1000/week. And as someth1ng said, it's all down to group tuition but it takes a while to establish it correctly.
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    Good weekly salary for a uni student

    Oh I assume that it's not tutoring. But yeah you're absolutely right, I mean i've done 4 years of it now.I guess considering the OPs marks, it's the best option whether privately or through a company
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    Good weekly salary for a uni student

    Just keep chopping and changing till you get the best possible rate. If you're fresh out of school, you'l find it hard to earn $20/hr whereas if you're 3rd year or 4th year uni, it's quite common.
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    Chemistry Questions

    Re: PH chemistry question Continuing on from this, need to know what's the acid and what's the base.