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  1. OzKo

    Steam Summer Sale 2016

    I would recommend it. Do you have a controller?
  2. OzKo

    USYD Chatter Thread 2016

    The summer is over, classes are starting to reconvene with freshers abound, so it's about time we got this chatter thread started up again. Welcome back to our current students and those who will be commencing their studies at USYD for the first time. Just a word of warning: This thread serves...
  3. OzKo

    I'm banned from PlayStation Network

    Steam is also a bit funny with users buying games from multiple countries. I've heard stories of accounts been permabanned because someone bought a game on Steam while on holidays.
  4. OzKo

    Star Wars Battlefront (2015)

    Can't fault them for the download speeds on Origin though. Consistently tracks higher than Steam.
  5. OzKo

    What would you like to see on BOS?

    As far as I know, we don't have the functionality with vBulletin at the moment, but we can look into this moving forward. I think it's a good idea.
  6. OzKo

    Shootings and Explosions in Paris

    Not sure if this has been posted already, but this is quite a good read.
  7. OzKo

    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

    I'm going to PAX this weekend in Melbourne, and I'm keen to see if I can get into the Forza 5 tournament. Will need to brush on my skills beforehand though.
  8. OzKo

    Test and compare your internet speed

    I saw a ~50% improvement in speeds after replacing my modem/router combo. Was running off a D-Link from 2005ish and replaced it with a new Netgear. Upload speeds are still cack though.
  9. OzKo

    Official BOS Trial 2015 Thread

    Sounds like it was a success then
  10. OzKo

    Advice on Tax Returns

    Provided that your income arrangements aren't complex, and ATO decides to work, the online portal makes it even easier than e-tax. The tax return for the last financial year took me a few minutes.
  11. OzKo

    Uni students, interns and graduates - share your story here!

    And just to add to this, this is one of the reasons why finding work should get easier the further you are into your career, but this depends on the type of work you're looking for. I work in energy and public policy and you're exposed to a relatively tight circle of people so once you get to...
  12. OzKo

    Choosing a university

    We had 45 days of compulsory placements in my degree (not engo though) and our faculty did not find places for us. At most, there was a database of organisations which had taken students in the past but obviously that wasn't a guarantee.
  13. OzKo

    Engineering or Pharmacy?

    Yeah do Engineering. Students should never be wedded to what their parents want them to do. After all, it is the student who will have to deal with their own career, not the parent.
  14. OzKo

    Advice on IT

    Schools are bureaucratic organisations and depending on the type of school (public, private, etc.), they will be required to go through official procurement channels if they need complex issues resolved. It isn't so much that they don't want to help you expand your knowledge, but rather they...
  15. OzKo

    The missing Malaysian Airlines...

    They need to know why it crashed to rule out the chance of a severe design/technical fault in some (or all) Boeing 777. That being said, if the flaperon has turned up at Reunion Island, there's minimal chance that they will be able to find the black box. If the plane glided to sea level, then...
  16. OzKo

    Burn English and Economics

    You will. When you first get employed, you're expected to bring all your textbooks as a reference. If you don't, they'll dock your pay until you do. Also, you're expected to use your textbooks for your marriage ceremony if you are an atheist.
  17. OzKo

    Choosing a university

    Depends on length of the degree. The defacto standard for internships is a student's penultimate year. Typically this will be the summer holidays before the start of the student's final year.
  18. OzKo

    Choosing a university

    Fortunately UTS and USYD are super close to each other (10 minute walk at most). Just want to make sure that the Engo seminars aren't at the same time. If they are, you can get a friend to go to the other one.
  19. OzKo

    Choosing a university

    Fat chance of that here tbh haha I recommend you go to the Uni Open Days and attend the seminars that the Engineering faculties present. I know that USYD have their Open Day around the end of August, and most universities have their open days on the same day (unfortunately).
  20. OzKo

    USYD Chatter Thread

    Re: Semester 2 USYD Chatter Thread IIRC usually happens in that Chem building