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    cambridge... kinda confused

    thx. could I ask where you got that solution haha, I only have worked solutions for development and foundation
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    cambridge... kinda confused

    I always see 'Use box []' to prove something. What does that exactly mean? Here's an example:
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    study buddy?

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    need help find reform article..

    Is there any NEWS articles that have talked about law reform from 2017 onwards?? If so, please chuck me, thx in advance :D I have had some thoughts surrounding The Voice and Same-sex marriage but I want something more interesting haha.
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    Can i get an atar of above 90 while only doing advanced maths?

    haha. i guess my school is pretty fast as well. going towards end of mod 3 :(
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    Can i get an atar of above 90 while only doing advanced maths?

    wtfffff. bro like only ruse is up to mod 4
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    need help for labour markets.

    I need around 5 articles for an assignment in relation to prelim topic 4 - labour markets. If you could any articles relating to this, please shoot me a link. I can only find ones about employment and unemployment :confused:. thx in advance! MUST BE IN 2023 Heres the syllabus if your not...
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    help finding a legal case!!

    I need help finding a legal case in relation to human trafficking in India. However, it must be from 2017 onwards. It must be an actualy legal case such as R. V. Pulini and Pulini (2019), Thx in advance :D
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    reach science

    Does anyone know any sites that have Reach Science past papers? If so, please link and thx. For year 10
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    Ngo and Sons or Matrix

    just go kurt for maths, and cognito tuition for chem
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    when does school start.

    Oh really? That's weird, it's probably Tuesday.
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    when does school start.

    Sentral says my school starts on Friday, 28th Jan, but I'm not sure if that's teacher development day or not. Any help. Greatly appreciated!
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    Having a hard time looking for tutoring centres. Help‼️

    Hi, I know I'm a bit late, but if you need help, Kurt Mathematics is the best for maths. I personally go there, and it's very helpful. If you read the reviews, 'he is very strict' is implied in every comment. That is not true. I recommend getting a private tutor, preferably a university...