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    The Harsh Truths of the HSC

    I completely lose my appetite around exam periods due to stress, and it's so bad because I cannot concentrate without the energy. I haven't pooed in 2 weeks lmao, I've lost about 10kg and it fucking sucks because I can't even walk up the stairs without fucking running out of breath. It pays off...
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    2 days

    I'm feeling good about paper 1, have done a practice essay to basically all the possibilities I can think of. Paper 2, on the other hand, has been a bit more complex. I know my texts super well, and have done a ton of practice essays over the past month or so, but still am not that confident. My...
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    Desperate Need of Study Space

    Just get to the library when it opens ahaha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Amount of Work/study

    Doing about 6-8 hours per day. Aiming for 97, but would be happy with anything over 95, although I feel like I'd be lucky to get even 90 at the rate I'm going rn ahaha. Slacked off way too much after trials Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How to find cumulative mark after trials for a subject ?

    The school obviously won't give it to you, but, if you know the weighting of each internal assessment, then you can plug your marks into a weighted calculator accordingly, which will give you your cumulative mark. Ultimately your mark doesn't matter due to the moderation process though :) Sent...
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    Post Trial ATAR Estimate

    Our school doesn't do ATAR predictions but where in the ballpark am I looking at with these marks/ranks? I was ranked in top 4 at half yearlies, but I bombed out of 2 of my trials which dragged them down quite a bit. I lost my 1st rank in eco, but I'm hoping I can ace externals to bring my...
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    On the home straight at last

    I'm really disappointed. Fluked two exams even though I studied my ass off for them. I had never gotten marks below 85 in year 12 until the trials. Cost my 1st ranking in eco ugh. 92% - English Advanced (91 in P1, 92 in P2) 72% - Maths 96% - Legal 79% - Economics 95% - Multimedia Sent...
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    Coming 2nd, advice for a leech? :) haha

    No, you'll always get your external mark, but assuming you come first, your mark will be averaged out with whoever comes 2nd externally (which is likely to be the person coming 1st in this case). So yes, rank 1 will get your mark as their "internal mark", but it will only constitute 50% of their...
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    What should I drop/change for year 12?

    Dude, I would suggest holding out in Advanced, because your mark isn't irrevocable. If your school is anything like mine, literally 99% of the standard cohort have little to no regard for school, and this will significantly pull you down if you aren't at the top, especially considering they give...
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    Trials Marks/Reflection Thread

    If you smash your HSC, you'll still get whatever mark you achieve and this will be reflective of the apparent awesomeness of your essays. However, this will also be averaged out with whoever ranks the same as your internals in the externals. So, you might have to work a bit harder to offset a...
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    Trials Marks/Reflection Thread

    After maintaining marks over 85 for the whole year across all subjects, I completely bombed my trial exams. Hard. My handwriting was literally criticised on every trial exam I got back, and it was so bad that I had to verbally present my Mod C and creative to the marker since she could not read...
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    Difference between internal and HSC results

    Yup, he went to my school and we're ranked 140-170 ish Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Difference between internal and HSC results

    Hey. I haven't graduated, but I have a lot of friends who have. One of them had an internal mark (reported mark in school report, NOT moderated mark) of 70 in English Advanced, then got 91 as a final HSC mark. They had a very strong cohort though, 90% of them got either a Band 5 or 6 Sent from...
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    Hello my fellow HSC'ers

    Social Policy/Law @ UNSW Commerce/Law @ UNSW Media/Law @ UNSW Commerce/International Studies @ UNSW Politics & International Relations @ USYD Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Discovery Essays: 2 Paragraph Model is the best

    The minimum I'd be doing is 3. My teacher would absolutely crucify me doing 2 lol. I have 3 integrated paragraphs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How much of an impact will a crappy teacher have on internal ATAR marking

    Heyo! I'm in year 12 rn about to do trials in a week, and I've had a shitty ass teacher for economics for both year 11 and 12. I've outsmarted him so many times lol and I always ask him questions that he can't even answer himself. His feedback is minimal and makes me think that I'm not being...
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    Year 12 Extension 1 Cut-Off

    Depends on your school, but it is not a rare occurrence. We had a similar thing for English Advanced. If you were ranked in the bottom half after prelims, the English faculty would automatically drop you to Standard. Likewise, we needed a mark of 90+ in English Extension 1 to qualify for a...
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    ATAR Estimate

    94-97 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    english advanced kicking my ass

    Omg dude, I had the exact same predicament as you. When I was in year 11, I ranked 30/67 for English Advanced on a mark of 73 (which was bad because our school drops bottom half of cohort to standard in HSC year - so I JUST made it through). However, I was coming, like, 4th in English Ext 1. I...
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    Working During Senior School

    10-15 hours should be fine. I'm in my HSC year and have consistently ranked in top 3 across all my subjects (90+ average in all) working 25 hours per week (due to dire circumstances though - definitely don't do this much if you can avoid it). I actually just got my legal assessment back and got...