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    Need help with a TITLE FOR MY STORY! Please help!

    Hey everyone, I am having trouble coming up with a title for my major work, any suggestions are welcome :) To give you a quick overview of my story; It is a about a lady in a mental institution. The story switches between present day (her in the institution) and the past. In the paragraphs...
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    Ted Hughes "Birthday Letters" Related Texts?

    We are using Sylvia Plaths poetry :)
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    How much do you charge for online marking? Thankyou.
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    Being forced to repeat or do pathways for HSC, NEED URGENT HELP!

    I have suffered with many health issues every sicne I was a child, in and out of hospital, always at the doctors, there has always been something wrong. Ihave always loved and done extremely well at school but my attendance was always shocking. Due to the fact I had medical certificates, prrof...
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    Selling band 6 (E4) essays and stories

    Oh wow, all the same I am doing! haha Are you selling those essays? If yes for how much? What was your marks in adv?
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    Story help pleaseee

    Hating on my ext 2 major story! Need to change it! I am not that great at writing happy stuff, better at writing dark/ twisted sorta... I was writing about a lady in a mental institition and she has flashbacks and we see through her life as she is abused/ gets drug addiction/ has depression...
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    Selling band 6 (E4) essays and stories

    what topics did you do for advanced english?