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    Sport lifestyle and recreational studies

    Can anyone please help with Sport lifestyle and recreations notes, questions and answers for prelims. I would appreciate it very much.
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    Selling HSC Notes/Essays - English Advanced (State Rank), Economics (96), Legal Studies (94), Physics (95),

    Hi Luke, can I please have the physics notes for the entire syllabus for $25. My email is, email me your banking details. thanks.
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    Ancient History notes

    Hi There, I am after the following ancient history notes if anyone can please help me - Greek world and Xerxes personality study. Thank you very much.
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    EES - Toongabbie creek dept study year 11

    Hi There, Anyone did a Toongabbie creek dept study in year 11 who can help me with it. Thanks
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    Math advance year 12 resources

    Hi There, I am after math advance year 12 resources, if anyone has any please let me know: Dr Du NGO Project Academy Kurt talent 100 I had an op, so I will be home for a while and need extra resources for Math advance year 12. Thank you very much :)
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    Great seller and really reliable. His recourses are perfect and are fully printable for those who like to study on paper. Would highly recommend buying from this guys.
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    Matrix education resources/text books - year 12

    Hi There, I am after any matrix resources/text books for physics, math advance and english standard. I also do ancient history, ipt and sdd. If anyone are selling textbooks or resources for them please message me I am interested. Thank you very much.
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    Year 11 Mathematics standard- Financial Mathematics Assessment (money matters) (journal and test)

    Hi There, Did anyone maybe did a year 11 financial mathematics assessment. It consist of a journal for the 7 topics in financial mathematics. Also called Money Matters assessment. I just want see an example of it. Thank you very much
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    Realestate certificate iii

    Hi There, Anyone one busy with the realestate certificate iii course in year 11. Can anyone help me with questions answers for cpprep 3101 3102 and 3103. Thank you very much.
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    Agriculture year 11

    Hi There, Anybody maybe have an example of a preliminary research report growing Silverbeet or any leafy vegetable. Our main focus is on How does Blood and bone fertilizer affect the growth of plant crops. I would appreciate the help. Thank you very much :)
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    Math advanced year 12 - Functions

    Hi There, Anyone have maybe good notes for year 12 math advances funtions and wants to share them with me. Would appreciate it very much. Thank you very much :)
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    Physics question for module 5

    Thank you very much for the help. Let say they it was from a cliff. How will it change the answer then?
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    Physics question for module 5

    Who can help me with this one please, thanks: Find the initial angle if you are given the range who equals 70m and the time equals 2.3 seconds
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    Geography year 10 yearly exam

    Hi There, Anyone maybe have revision work year year 10 geography yearly exam. Any past papers or any assitance is help come. Thank you very much.
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    Science in focus 4 homework book

    Hi There, Anyone maybe have that science in focus 4 homework book - we after all the worksheet. Thank you very much.
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    Recommended textbooks for HSC

    I am starting Term 4 year 11 which is from my understanding the first term of the HSC content. What study methods would your recommend and what text books would you recommend for my subjects, I was thinking the Excel and ATAR notes textbooks for each of my subjects but I am not so sure. My...
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    IPT and SDD year 11 prelim past papers

    Hi There, Anyone maybe have past IPT and SDD year 11 prelim papers with answers? I did check thsc and acehsc as well, not much past prelim papers for the last 4 to 5 years. Thank you very much.
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    Ancient History year 11 prelim past papers

    Hi There, Anyone maybe have past prelim year 11 papers with answers for Ancient History. I did check the thsch online website and the acehsc website but cannot see any past papers with answers. Thank you very much :)
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    Math ext 1 Calculus exam year 11

    Hi Idkkdi, Is it the cambridge year 11 extension book or there another one I can look at. What papers? Thanks
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    Math ext 1 Calculus exam year 11

    Hi There, Anyone have advise what is the best books or online sites I can use to prepare for math extension 1 calculus exam. Thank you very much.