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    Bio exam thoughts

    Yeah but the average is usually about 79 for band 6, and it always seems to be a couple marks lower than what people expect (most are saying about 85/86 for this years one). It's really a guess though
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    Bio exam thoughts

    I'll say about 83-84
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    PDHPE 2017 Exam thoughts

    Really liked the option questions (sports med and IP), and the core 1 and 2 response questions were good for the most part. But yeah, multiple choice was the killer
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    Question on HSC questions about Prac's

    That's what I was hoping for. Thank you for the quick reply!
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    Question on HSC questions about Prac's

    Hey guys. So I'm just going through some past papers and was wondering can they ask you a prac question on a prac that's possibly not in the syllabus? I'm only asking this because in the 2007 paper Q23, they ask: "Nothofagus gunnii is a deciduous beech tree that grows in Tasmania. When...
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    National Tobacco Strategy a Health Promotion Example?

    Hey guys, quick question. With the syllabus it says you have to learn 2 health promotion examples relating to the Ottawa Charter. In class we did Close the Gap and Shape Up Australia, but for an assignment I chose to do it on the National Tobacco Strategy (don't ask me why, just thought it was...