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    2003 UAIs

    97.50 i was hoping for 95 ish so im happy!
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    Science in 2004

    haha same here. if that was the deciding factor, then i'd be in nursing for sure. :p
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    Science in 2004

    haha i was just joking people bout the whole guy/girl numbers in the course!
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    Science in 2004

    i was talking about science adv. but any science course really
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    Science in 2004

    is everyone doing this course a guy? ...maybe i should have done nursing
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    Science in 2004

    im doing science(ad)/commerce do u think if after the 3yrs, im happy with just a science degree, i can just not do the commerce one?
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    who's loyal?

    i have no attachment to china, but then again i am an aussie doing chinese so i guess thats fair enough
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    Chinese Continuers, if there are any out there

    For the compositions, what questions did u choose? i did B then did A for the last one.
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    Chinese Continuers, if there are any out there

    what did ya think?
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    uai prediction plz

    hey people, could someone give me a predicted uai for these details please? thanks a lot Chemistry 17/35 78% Eng Adv 27/81 83% Maths Ext1 14/57 84% Maths Ext2 6/17 80% Software D&D 1/13 94% Chinese...
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    Ratio Boy To Girl In Chem

    3 classes altogether, 35 students, all are boys... oh, but i go to a guys school too
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    Multiple Choice

    bugger, i think ur right jezzmo i misread the question
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    Question 23: Exam Thoughts

    damm, yeah i think ur right, which meens im wrong.
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    Multiple Choice

    yes, to avoid the situation described in D, however it can occur with the prototype & hence a major problem of the prototyping approach.
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    Multiple Choice

    1. c 2. a 3. a (why are people putting c???) 4. a 5. d 6. d 7. d 8. b 9. b (finds the position (index), not the number) 10. c 11. c (total > 8, not >=) 12. b 13. d 14. a 15. c (you can either choose to do digit or variable at the start (wipes out a & b) & ; is optional, not...
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    Question 23: Exam Thoughts

    hey for that Register Q do you think this would be right? LOAD(Reg1, Mem5) LOAD(Reg2, Mem5) ADD(Reg3, Reg1, Reg2) ADD(Reg3, Reg3, Reg1) STORE(Reg3, Mem7) STOP you see what i meen, can u add 2 numbers together, with one of those numbers being in a register that ur accessing & storing...
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    multipule choice answers

    15 is A, no doubt. buffers stop pH change... in A, HCl is added and the buffer resists the change.. but it can only take so much & after 50mL of HCl the pH starts to decrease it is definately not D because the buffer will not keep the exact pH & then all of a sudden once 50mL of HCl has been...
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    [Option Topic] Evolution of prgramming languages

    yeah im pretty sure it was Logic aye. I meen it seemed like it was written in Prolog. & it had facts & rules.. so yeah.. probably logic. hope so anyway!
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    Who had a double header, who had chem as well?

    yeah same here man! sheesh my back was killing me at the end of the SDD test! and my hand!! bruised & battered