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    How do you enrol in a double major?

    I looked in the Science Handbook but I couldn't find anything related to how to apply but I honestly dont get it. When you enrol it only puts one place for your major. How do you show that you are going to do a double major? Is it a matter of just completing the second major's units... Or...
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    Info Systems junior units for people who didn't do it in HSC

    As title, Im not sure which to pick. Are all the courses introductory or need certain knowledge? Thanks :)
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    A question I really want an answer to...

    What I meant was, a job with the UNDERGRADUATE certificate after you received it and are continuing to study graduate entry whilst continuing this job.
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    A question I really want an answer to...

    Say, for instance, you wanted to do a degree graduate entry (i.e. anything). Are you allowed to get a job from the undergraduate degree and work there until you get accepted(if there is a test you need to do i.e. Gamsat) or while studying for the graduate degree? I've always wanted to know!
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    Can you do a double major in Biology and Physiology?

    Because technically they are similar? I made a thread on this(and thanks btw!) but I want to know specifically for 2 courses which are similar...
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    Want to do a double major? Possible?

    Hey everyone, I'm doing Advanced Science and want to major in Physiology but Im really interesting in Ecology. Can I do a double major? Or can I add those units in my timetable? If so, how many can I put each year? Thanks :)
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    Anyone else doing advanced Science? Insight needed!

    Hey guys, I made a post earlier and got great replies but I thought asking people from the same course who are enrolling could help ASAP. The question is: What parts of the enrolment do you need to complete from your experience? Junior? Maths? Intermediate? If it helps, I am majoring in...
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    Enrolment error! URGENT!

    Thanks guys! Can I just a clarification please. So I pick my Maths units and my junior units only? And also the electives outside the faculty? Im getting confused because at the top it says that you need 144 credit units for it to quality as a Advanced Science course. Thanks so much !
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    Enrolment error! URGENT!

    Hey guys, So Im doing a Bachelor of Science(Advanced) in USyd and am majoring in Physiology. However, after I put in my junior units etc, and then put in the intermediate units so that I qualify for the senior units of the Physiology major, it says that I do not qualify due to not meeting the...
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    Best prep for Dentistry postgraduate?

    Hey guys! Just wondering what undergraduate courses/degrees are great prep for post graduate Dentistry? Is it worth doing a double degree for e.g. Advanced Science/ Commerce or with Engineering etc? Any experience or insight would be very helpful. Thanks :)
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    Double degree Advanced Science(honours)/Engineering

    Hey guys, I want to do this combined degree BUT the question is, can you advanced science with biomedical engineering because I cant find it anywhere? Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks :)
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    Best major in Advanced Science for Med?

    Hey guys! As the title states, what is a major that not only is the best prep, but also is interesting? Thanks :)
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    Is it worth doing a double degree to transfer to Medicine undergrad or post?

    As title states, would it be worth to do a double degree in, for instance, Advanced Science and Engineering if I want to go to Medicine undergrad or postgrad?
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    What is the raw mark for a band 4?

    Hey guys, I've always wondered but what exactly is the raw mark for a band 4?
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    Raw E4 cutoff this year???

    Any ideas???
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    Biology exam thoughts

    What would a band 6 raw be this year guys ??
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    Geo skills HELP!!

    Hey everyone! There are a couple of skills I'm need clarification and help with... 1. And also how do you know what aspect is? I know its the direction of a slope faces but how would you know? 2. Where direction was a photo taken? How would you know this? 3. Rate of change?! 4. When...
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    B5 in chem?

    School rank 390s Rank 8/13 Any chance to even get 80?