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    Probability :S

    1) think 3unit question 2) a) P(at least 1) = 1 - P(0) = 1 - 4/14 b) [7/14] x [6/13] c) = P(BR) + P(BG) + P(RG) = ([3/14] x [4/13]) + ([3/14] x [7/13]) + ([4/14] x [7/13]) d) 0 3) P(noone picks their name) = P(of the first person not getting their name, AND the second person not getting their...
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    66% you think gets you.....

    you must remember that the 'new' NSW HSC was introduced in 2001 - with new formats and everything, so just like when anything is newly tested, adjustments need to be made. i'd say the E4 cutoff this year would be around the low to mid 60's out of 84.
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    The 2008 HSC Mathematics Paper

    thanks for the upload finally a 5 mark question!
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    what uni do you plan to go to next year.

    you mean by two-day full-time timetable?
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    what happen to happycup?

    dun forget bubbilicious too:)
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    Subject Dropping time!

    based on all this information given, id say food tech.
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    i used to sleep about 10
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    Simple Trig Questions, arg!

    seriously guys, its soo much easier to sketch the graphs when you sketch y=sin(180+x), the curve shifts 180 degrees to the left, so in effect, you get the curve y=-sinx and y=sin(-x) = -sinx so sin(360-x) = -sin(360+x) and when thats sketched, its the same as -sinx since the sinx curve repeats...
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    while that may be true, im guessing most of that 2% is part of the business faculty
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    well at least you didnt do it in your Extension 1 2007 HSC exam
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    How long do you guys study for?

    the best way to study is to start low (ie. half - 1 hour a day) for term 4, then increase it to about 2-3 hours a day before the trials, since term 4 stuff is generally easier but the issue is actually starting, and sticking to it, because the moment you stop your schedule, its so hard to get...
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    Does God exist?

    this thread has reached over 10,000 posts.... but is there a definitive answer to the question "Does God exist??"
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    ACCT 1511 mid-session

    *double post* our tutor said you should get ur results on webct on fri week 8
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    How long do you guys study for?

    what do you mean by "manage to do it" if you mean study 5-6 hours, no.
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    Simple Trig Questions, arg!

    if you wanna know how its derived... you use the following 3unit formula: cos(a-b) = cosacosb + sinasinb so with a=90, b=theta: cos(90 - theta) = cos90costheta + sin90sintheta = 0 + sintheta = sintheta try it in your calculator... it sersly works
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    Alignment in Math courses.

    low 70s% raw would be E4, so im guessing 65% would be aligned to about 80-85% for 4unit
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    food for brekkie

    i sersly wish i could.........................:spam:
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    maths help

    Re: maths help needed ASAP you don't need a graph drawer to sketch y = tan(x-60)... it just the normal tan curve shifted right 60 degrees..... unless......
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    ON TOPIC: apparently the average is 60-65%
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    oh man im bored.. 2.Express x^6 + 2x^4 + 2x^2 +1 as a product of three quadratic factors. let u = x^2 so your P(x) = u^3 + x^2 + u + 1 note that u = -1 is a root of P(x) factorising that yields P(x) = (u+1)(u^2+u+1) implying that P(x) = (x^2+1)(x^4+x^2+1)