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    General Thoughts: Music 1

    You're a freak. Yes, I did though XD
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    HELPPP I did something stupid for personalities

    Don't worry man, I'd say mistakes happen all the time. For example, yesterday in English Ext 1 I have a sneaking suspicion that on the blue page we get signed off, I wrote the number of pages I wrote for each question instead of the number of booklets. So I can't remember but I think I might...
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    Crime writing - creative section

    It wasn't too bad. It didn't say the quote needed to be at the start of the story so I managed to slip it in much later, because I didn't want it at the start anyway. My story was about an amnesiac busker who witnesses the same crime many times & never remembers, and when he's told by the police...
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    General Thoughts: EE1

    Thanks :) It's the same story I used for belonging and Ext 2, except originally it was never a crime story. It was just a dude who plays music around texas and never remembers where he's going or where he's been, and he meets this girl in this bar he keeps visiting and playing in, and never...
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    General Thoughts: EE1

    I did Crime Writing, Elective 2 of Module A and thought it was fine. The essay was fine, the creative gave us a quote and asked us to use it at the beginning of a character's reflection on an important point in their life, but it didn't say it had to be at the start of the piece so I put it in...
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    Ext English 1: Possibility of specifying a text?

    This. They can't specify prescribed texts because we don't study all of them. But I'm worried about additional texts. Could they specify at least two additional texts?
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    Band 6 Cut off for Music 1

    Yeah me too. I don't know if I trust those atar calculators because they say that Total Weighted mark (Post raw mark, pre scaled mark) goes DOWN from 91 to 89.90, and that freaked me the fuck out. I came first in my cohort of 7 but I don't think I'm that good at the Aural stuff.
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    Band 6 Cut off for Music 1

    I have no idea, but if you got full marks in your three electives you need a 20/30 in the Aural paper to even out at a raw mark of 90. Since a 90 still scales down I would say it's ~92, but it changes a bit. I'd be interested to see what it was last year.
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    Wow. Yeah, I was thinking it would be a difference of like 2 points maximum. You're right, there's a lot of factors, and to be honest I have no idea how we will rank, but we have been top 50 in the past so it'll be interesting to see.
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    I've been messing around with an ATAR calculator (The talent one) just to see how scaling works and stuff like that. I was wondering, seeing as the calculator doesn't take a school's ranking into account... how much differentiation in ATAR result would there be if my school were in the top 50 or...
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    English Ext 1, October 31st

    Yeah, I did Speeches for Module B and thought the question was horrible. I'd prepared for Pearson and Atwood thinking the question would be in the style of "with reference to ONE male/female/australian/political/non political speaker" hence why I picked two that covered all those possibilities...
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    What sort of pen do you use?

    Black Kilometrico. FUCK THE POLICE
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    English Ext 1, October 31st

    My next exam is Extension english, so I've got till then to prepare for english, Modern and Music 1 and then I am done! :) A friend of mine is wondering if anyone knows whether a text can be specified in any Essay question for Ext 1? We're doing crime writing.
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    Module B Hate Thread

    Everyone's shitty response to Hamlet makes me feel better about speeches. I think the problem was that I spent that whole essay worrying about the fact that I didn't know the whole speech, when that part of the speech was all that I needed.
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    Module B Hate Thread

    How much more do you expect if you wrote 300 words in total? You probably wrote more than that
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    Module B Hate Thread

    I thought module B sucked. I had so much depth on Pearson & Atwood, thinking the question would be in the style of "Choose a male/female/political/non political/australian/non austraian speaker". Between those two I had every likelihood covered, and thhen they specified a speech I knew nothing...
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    Bonus points for CUOs?

    I went on through Year 12 with my school's Cadet Corps program and ended up as a CUO. I've heard some universities may offer bonus points for CUOs, does anyone else know if this is true or not?
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    Just to shake things up... an Atar Estimate!

    What about band 6 cutoffs? I know a 92 in music scales ever so slightly down. What raw mark so I need to break the mid band 5 in Modern and Business?
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    Best music for studying

    Re: Best music Actually, I have a high rotation of ten or so albums: Washing Machine - Sonic Youth Amnesiac - Radiohead Jar Of Flies - Alice In Chains (Really, really relaxing) Animals - Pink Floyd Heritage - Opeth Damnation - Opeth Fever - Sleepy Sun The Hunter - Mastodon Led Zeppelin III...