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    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    Module B: Romanticism Essay 12 pages Story about 10 pages but the question threw me off, my essay was all about nature, the individual, the sublime, childhood and societal corruption; not so much about imagination. but i think i incorporated it ok, all in all the questions were fair :D
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    Ideally, how long is a response meant to be?

    I'm a fan of having somewhat shorter pieces and therefore feeling more leisurely and relaxed, mine are both under 1300, but in the trial i only got 44/50! gah my story brought me down so much!!!
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    Soy Milk, which tastes best?

    Try So Good Essentials (purple carton) 50% of daily calcium in one glass! 98.5% fat free but still tastes richer than the fat free, and has a faint vanilla-y taste And B12, iron, and 8.5 grams protein per glass
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    pH question

    I don't have the answers, it was in the multiple choice online so i knew the answer from that, and then i looked up to see which year it was from
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    pH question

    no, i was just doing it completely wrong haha!
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    pH question

    thanks so much :D
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    pH question The answer is 25, help! i keep getting 14! thanks in advance. Question 9, page 16
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    Maxima And Minima

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    Maxima And Minima

    sorry, i'm having trouble differentiating, what rule are you using? thanks in advance!
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    related texts for romanticism

    I am, but being lame, i would prefer not to share ;D Films are so good because there is so much to talk about, but in a way it is more difficult because of all of the refining and selection one must go through!
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    Romanticism creative writing

    Ok, so i know that it is preferable not to use the setting of the time of Romanticism, so does that mean that we can utilise any context and various values as long as we include Romantic conventions and ideals? thanks ;D
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    Rates of change question

    thank you though! I am always impressed with how helpful everyone is!
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    Rates of change question

    Thank you so much :D
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    Rates of change question

    from grove ext1 exercise 6.2 Q12) The volume of a balloon being inflated is increasing at a constant rate of 115cm3/s. find the rate of increase in its radius when the radius is 3cm. i realize it isn't that hard but i'm having trouble figuring out the variables. Thanks! answer: 1.02cm/s
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    a challenge to all you maths nerds out there :)

    3 263 442, i get the pattern but the numbers get too big for the calculator, even with scientific notation! 1 065 005 695 000 113 423 713 100 000 000 000 000 000 correcto mundo?