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    HSC Notes-Im giving them away!

    link to new notes RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting Same deal as above re rapidshares download limits etc The old notes are just as good if not better as they are more detailed; You just have to read the description on the download page as it tells you what it can be adapted to...
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    HSC Notes-Im giving them away!

    Read the descriptions on the download page. It says what it can be adapted for.
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    SOR I - Section 3! YOUR THOUGHTS

    SOR I and II do the same questions (except for Peace and Non Religion which are SOR II only) .: the questions are 'right' It threw me when I first saw the paper but Im pretty sure the Christian/Jewish/Islamic questions were a combo ethics/practices question (which is really out of left field as...
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    Religious Growth - Statistics Buddhism Australia - Census shows non-Christian religions continue to grow at a faster rate - News - Buddhist Council of Western Australia :rofl:
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    What's involved?

    HSC exam at 1 unit level only has one 20 mark essay (2 unit has two /20) + 1 /15 marker (three sections (a,b.c) of a max. mark of /6 per question-usually 3/6/6), a /5 mark short answer+10 multiple choice. You can download the syllabus from Studies of Religion - Board of Studies NSW HTH...
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    HSC Notes-Im giving them away!

    most just have to use the current syllabus to decipher them eg, the Religous Depth Studies were a combo (ie study two religions) on one area eg Ethics where as the new syllabus is one religion and three areas (ethics, ritual and personality) The Board didnt change the content just...
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    How long should a 6 mark question be? The 6 markers are contained in Section 2 ie the 3 part section answered on an A3 sized answer sheet. It also should be noted that it may not necessarily be a 6 marker as thats the maximum worth of any individual question in that section (for a combined mark of 15) ie 3, 6, 6 5,5,5...
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    Could someone please look at my 6 mark response to a significant person??

    if you want...though marking without a criteria (accurately) is difficult! (esp. as you have made the question up)
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    Is it possible to determine '09 HSC Religious Depth Question?

    Both as you cant second guess what the questions are going to be on
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    How long should a 6 mark question be?

    the length given in the A3 "answer booklet" ie approx 2/3 page or approx 18 lines (?- 3 marks per line from memory)
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    how do u evaluate the effectivness of islam and christianity to world peace??!

    the comma is misplaced but it does make sense if you are familiar with the syllabus how are the religions teachings about peace (first syll. point) reflected or displayed (read shown) through their contributions to world peace (last syll. point) As a hint, I would use the 4 syllabus points in...
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    Christianity Environmental ethics essay

    Do you have an actual question that needs addressing? Or do you have to make one up? Seems a bit pointless asking for help in such a broad syllabus area without actually stating what it is you need help with! Smae question to above poster
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    Is it possible to determine '09 HSC Religious Depth Question?

    No (and I say that confidently) You have to prep all three areas anyway (for the 15 markers) so why try and second guess the Board of Studies? Prep for all three...makes more sense than taking a 1/3 chance of actually getting it right Your sig says HSC this over prep or what!?! LOL
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    Environmental Ethics in Christianity

    so has every group, minority and individual! Gotta look at the big picture and not lump the little stuff in to the effort to rectify the problem otherwise you go backwards! Plus its not really the point of the syllabus/course.........
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    Prelim christianity question

    NP Was thinking that if you wanted to be clever, you would start with the impact of the Apostles (in particular Peter and the issues surrounding the first council re Judaism and the newly emerging group-recorded in Acts of the Apostles) and then move straight into Paul as he was the one who...
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    Prelim christianity question

    Not to sound flippant but I would recommend checking with your teacher/the marker first as thats a really broad context that we are talking about. As its the first syllabus pont in the unit, you wouldnt be going back to Abraham but rather the Jewish background of Christianity with regards to...
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    SOR 1 as the 11 or 12th Unit

    You never know as it is your best 8 units (not including English) so why throw a possible 50 ,marks? Plus I would argue that to deliberately screw over someone in your cohort) who may end up needing the subject is a pretty low thing (even if it is compulsory, it ends up getting used by lots of...
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    need help with sor 1 unit dotpoints

    reminder!!! @ notes are teh ones you write yourself you know!
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    Question on Significant Person Impacting Religious Tradition- Please Help!

    Booth above are kinda right as it depends upon you are talking a <6 marker or the 20 marker Obviously you dont want to oversell the background stuff (who really cares where he was born and went to school? The markers dont!) but as a 20 marker, it can be helpful to give you some confidence to...
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    Help needed for Jewish bioethics!? nice and leave the bitchiness to me @ OP...Bioethics is difficult, esp. from a Jewish POV. I suggest posting up what it is that you are actually having issues with so people can help you. Unfortunately, you wont really get a black and white overview as it is contentious. I suggest...