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  1. gallen88

    Maths Extension 2 predictions/thoughts?

    Good luck to everyone doing Mathematics Extension 2 today! You can do this! :oldbiggrin:
  2. gallen88

    Is Standard English really an Atar killer and should i do advance instead?

    Kpop42 made a really good point there. In Advanced English you are competing with the best English students in the state. English Standard usually consists of individuals who struggle with English and students who pretty much hate English in general. However, just because English Standard aligns...
  3. gallen88

    How to get a high ATAR

    What to do while I'm waiting for Uni to start?? Watch SupR's videos about HSC tips. :P Great videos and very inspiring! Wish you all the best for university dude.
  4. gallen88

    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Me : ) I got accepted for Bachelor of Media with the degree of Bachelor of Laws. Hope to see you there!
  5. gallen88

    Bachelor of Science/Adv Studies or Bachelor of Adv Computing (USYD)

    Mmmm, I don't really know the difference between the qualifications that you can graduate with. However, I'll give my two cents and hopefully this will be helpful. NOTE: This is just how I perceived his question, I do apologise if my information is incorrect to anyone else on boredofstudies...
  6. gallen88

    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Knew you could do it dude!!! ; ) Well deserved!
  7. gallen88

    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    To everyone who has posted their achievements, congratulations!! You guys did amazing and should be proud of your efforts! : )
  8. gallen88

    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    96.85 : ) holy sh*t i can't believe it
  9. gallen88

    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Usually it's by midday, good luck! : )
  10. gallen88

    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Don't worry dude, the exams were harder this year! In my perspective you did amazing but I do understand where you are coming from about how you feel for English, that was me for Modern History : /... @ Tugawar --> Everyone has different standards we've all had a crazy year this year, we...
  11. gallen88

    maintaining ranks and results from year 11

    I was in your exact same position last year with my first Modern History assessment. I achieved 73% and came 8th in the cohort which was a major shock for me as my final rank in Year 11 was 5/30. I was pretty devastated. However, throughout the rest of year 12 (pretty much the beginning of 2018...
  12. gallen88

    2018 HSC Studies of Religion Exam Thoughts

    Congratulations dude! Have a break you deserve it! : ) Multiple Choice - good. Post 1945 Short answer - good. Section 2 Short Answers - good only took a long time haha. Section 3 - happy with the essay question (Christianity) ran out of time for a second Baptism paragraph and conclusion but...
  13. gallen88

    HSC Business Studies Exam Thoughts:

    At parallaxd12, that would also be correct because that's under influences too. I just forgot to add that point because I'm a bit tired and forgot (however, that doesn't excuse the forgetfulness). Sorry about that!
  14. gallen88

    HSC Business Studies Exam Thoughts:

    Global Influences on Financial Markets are: - Global Economic Outlook - Availability of Funds - Interest/Exchange Rates - AND GLOBAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT! I think you have answered the question correctly : ) P.S. I do apologise to other individuals who were stressing out about the question. : (
  15. gallen88

    HSC Business Studies Exam Thoughts:

    I do agree though the multiple choice were better than previous years which is good and short answers wasn't too bad either. In relation to your situation, I think if you handed up the booklet that will be okay. I don't think they will throw it out since you wrote "see next booklet" underneath...
  16. gallen88

    HSC Business Studies Exam Thoughts:

    Hey everyone, Good luck with the paper today! Let us know your thoughts about the paper below. : )
  17. gallen88


    If they do HR and Finance I hope it is a question on strategies (where we could choose, such as monetary rewards, training and development, or arbitration/conciliation/industrial disputes) or influences (where we could choose). Anything else and bye bye band 6. Let's hope it's Marketing and...
  18. gallen88

    2018 HSC Maths MX1 Discussion

    Don't worry you're not the only one - I was hoping for an E4 but I think I will get an 85 at this rate (which is good but wanted to smash this exam you know?). I'm sure you will get 94-97. : ) Does anyone know what a raw mark of 49-54 would be? Sorry for the hassle!
  19. gallen88


    Mmm... I think the business report maybe on Operations and Human Resources. Since there hasn't been a Marketing essay question in 4 years, I wouldn't be surprised if we were given one. It might be Marketing and Finance, or Human Resources. If they give us Operations for the essay - YAY! If...
  20. gallen88

    E4 cut-off?

    Sure you did wayyyy better than I did mate haha. I'm hoping a 49-54/70 (raw mark) gets bumped to 85. I think you will get an E4 if you got 60-62/70 as a raw mark. : )