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    Free essay giveaway from a 99.95 student

    Hey guys, I fixed the dropbox link! Sorry I hadn't realised it was broken all this time
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    Looking for good economics notes? 99.95 notes right here

    Hey guys, I graduated in 2013 and achieved my goal ATAR which was 99.95. It was hard work but there's a pretty set formula to achieving it and I've explained it in some of my previous posts. I used Tim Riley's Economics Textbook combined with Bulmer and a lot of Ross Gittins' essays. Each...
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    Free essay giveaway from a 99.95 student

    Hey bored of studies, it recently came to my attention that the syllabus and set of prescribed texts for both English courses in the 2015 HSC year changed, and so the essays from previous cohorts are no longer quite as relevant as they probably were before - but that doesn't mean that they're...
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    99.95 ATAR and State Rank HSC Tutoring

    bump! I go to uni with kenby5 and know him personally, his credentials are basically unmatched and he's very good at relaying information and breaking concepts down! Any student would do well with him
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    HIGH ACHIEVERS!! How do you STUDY??????????

    If you do this too often you become dependent on solutions and cripple your own memory. I recommend doing practice exams closed book. Try your hardest to write down whatever you can remember and then once you've exhausted everything that you can think of, refer to the solutions to consolidate or...
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    HIGH ACHIEVERS!! How do you STUDY??????????

    Everyone has their own unique style, but most of the high achievers in the HSC are the people who spend a high proportion of their study time doing past papers, practice questions and reading markers' feedback, as opposed to reading and re-writing notes.
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    Federal Budget Discussion

    @phaze it looks like you have a good attitude towards learning, which is great to see! And I agree with you, it is definitely worth considering (and especially evaluating in an extended response type question) how effectively the government has met (or is expected to meet) its goals!
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    Federal Budget Discussion

    At one point I used to think like this, that downswings should be met with budget deficits to restore growth in the economy. However you must realise that looking at the budget as a purely counter-cyclical tool to regulate upswings and downswings of the economy is incredibly simplistic and...
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    The Cricket Thread

    Re: The Official Cricket Thread The next challenge for Johnson is to succeed in the slow and low pitches in the sub-continent like the other great fast bowlers australia has had. His slower ball to get rid of de villiers though was promising, good to see he's multi-dimensional
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    The Cricket Thread

    Re: The Official Cricket Thread ^harsh. Steyn averaged 17.66 last year, and did amazing vs india/pakistan in odis recently
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    How did you get a band 5 or 6 in Physics?

    ?? Firstly, there are not that many 6-7 mark questions out there, they could definitely show up again (especially in school trials/exams). The question might be a bit different but it could definitely target the same dot point/s.. Secondly, what's wrong with studying sample answers in paragraph...
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    service import/export

    Phaze is correct. The best way to distinguish exports/imports (and for that matter, credits/debits in the balance of payments) is to track where the money goes. If Australians are receiving money, it is an export, if we are paying money overseas it is an import. Correspondingly, a credit means...
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    confused on some terms

    The size of our population is not especially relevant when it comes to whether we are a borrowing or saving nation. It is true though that we are a borrowing nation who have accumulated a high volume of net foreign liabilities (both in terms of debt and equity) because we like to invest big and...
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    First in NSW Physics, State Rank MX2, 99.95 ATAR Tutoring - The Maths and Phys Shack

    Re: First in NSW Physics, State Rank MX2, 99.95 ATAR Tutoring - The Maths and Phys Sh Moreso than just the amazing credentials, having met these two guys I have utmost confidence in their interpersonal skills and their willingness and ability to cater to your exact individual needs. They...
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    HSC Economics study and exam tips

    Haha those exam tips are from the resolve tuition seminars, i recognise them! Regardless, excellent advice, particularly your 'teach the dog' method Sent from my LG-D802T using Tapatalk
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    How I got 99.95- Akhil

    I know it's a trite expression, but everyone has different ways of studying and that applies to making notes. My eco notes were 64 thousand words, my friend's were 20k and we got similar marks in the end. Never feel that your notes should conform to any particular standard, especially if you...
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    kiwi703's raw marks - english, physics and economics

    I did Skrzynecki for belonging, frankenstein/blade runner for mod A, speeches for mod B and Julius Caesar for mod C.
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    kiwi703's raw marks - english, physics and economics

    Thanks guys :) Yeah, aligning was poor for physics this year! Must be because of the many calculations or easier marking.. economics was similar to 2012 though, even though i thought the test was harder than that year.
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    99.95 ATAR | Experienced Tutoring in Mathematics & Physics

    This guy is a freaking beast!!! Definitely, definitely would recommend, he's explained many a problem to me over skype and he makes difficult questions easy to tackle. Extremely good communicator, and the marks speak for themselves.