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  1. tillytilly

    Extension 2 english

    Yeah, I agree that the theory isn't entirely necessary to know. Read. I don't have any notes that aren't specifically related to the topic mine was on (the link between changeling literature, Catholic indoctrination and infanticide) but the best advice I can give is just to read read read-...
  2. tillytilly

    Distinction Course - Comparative Literature

    I'm doing Comparative Literature this year - there are 12 people in it. It's not that less people are accepted into Comp Lit, there are 100 accepted into the Distinction Courses and then however many people want to do each respective one do. More people who get in choose to do Philosophy and...
  3. tillytilly


    I was hoping there wouldn't be a foreign policy question, I found it so boring I just didn't study it. So it was lucky the communist theory and practice one was so excellent. I finished the WW1 section in about 20 minutes so I spent an hour on my Russia essay, which was really good because it...
  4. tillytilly

    2007 poetry B.O.W titles!

    At the moment, my working title is 'Patria Potestas'. Patria Potestas is the name of an ancient Roman law meaning 'the power of the father'. That has a lot to do with the rest of the work as well, at the beginning the mother and father argue about something and that is the catalyst eventually...
  5. tillytilly

    2007 Poets

    Yeah, I had my second Viva about two weeks ago, and had to have a full draft for that. So I've got 4, 000 words, but once I get that draft back there'll be editing; oh yes, there will be editing. Mine is unstructured. I've been told that it recalls the stlye of T.S Eliot and Plath, however. I...
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    2007 poetry B.O.W titles!

    Haha yeah, just say it's "postmodern", you're "removing the limitations the title places upon the work" *tips beret* ... that'll work. I love being pretentious lol.
  7. tillytilly

    Best+Worst of Teacher Quotes and Habits

    English teacher: "Okay, now let's get into pairs of three or four and make diagrammatical diagrams." Also, she calls every Asian student "Cheung" or "Gaya" Real stupid like.
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    Hey, I did mine on Friday. The Frames question was on Warhol, the practice and Conceptual Framework ones I can't recall, but that doesn't matter because they'll be different to yours anyway. Have you done a HSC-style art exam before? You don't really need to study any one thing in particular...
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    2007 poetry B.O.W titles!

    Dammit, there was meant to be a big blank space there. Like __________ by *insert name here*. Pssh.
  10. tillytilly

    2007 poetry B.O.W titles!

    Haha, that would be so cool, in Showcase, by *insert name here*.
  11. tillytilly

    2007 poetry B.O.W titles!

    I'm not going anywhere near a title until I'm finished writing, I'm making a list of potential ones as I go but I don't want to think of it as one name and then have to change it. The title's going to influence how you and other people perceive it, so I want to wait until I have a perfect title...
  12. tillytilly

    2007 Hand-in Date!

    Yeah, those of us with more than one major work subject are going to be wrecks ... English Ext 2 is due exactly FIVE days before Visual Arts. FIVE!
  13. tillytilly

    2007 Poets

    I did my first Viva Voce three weeks ago, it was good. I got full marks for my draft stuff : D So, o knowledgeable ones, how do I get back into it after the "I cant do any work because the teacher has all my stuff" break?
  14. tillytilly

    Oh my GOD-- Week 10!

    Whoa, that's pretty early to have to hand in a first draft, isn't it? I did my first Viva Voce a couple of weeks ago and only had to have 1000 words of draft done. And I know someone who's onlu recently handed in their proposal! I thought that was late too, considering mine was last year.
  15. tillytilly

    2007ers - What do you want to do after the HSC?

    I'm thinking, B. Journalism- B.Creative Arts @ UOW, because of USYD's weird neglect of Creative Arts.
  16. tillytilly

    Distinction Courses - Did You Get In?

    I finally got my stufff! A few days ago but oh well. It is a massive stack. And has everyone registered on the website? We can all get in there now. How exciting.
  17. tillytilly

    Distinction Courses - Did You Get In?

    I haven't heard anything about getting my stuff yet :(
  18. tillytilly

    Distinction Courses - Did You Get In?

    Hey SoulSearcher, d'you know when we can expect our stuff in the mail?
  19. tillytilly

    Summer Holiday Study

    Well I don't understand that in-joke, Im afraid, so I'll just continue on ... I have to do an artwork by the end of the holidays that's basically an experimnetation for my Art Major work. I'm going to work on my English Extension 2 Major work. I'm NOT going to do History Extension because...