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  1. Mythos

    People that didn't get a good ATAR, what did you tell your parents?

    wat, i had to show my parents my score on the website
  2. Mythos

    Top 100 Schools

    fuark girra and castle hill high, lel my school dropped again
  3. Mythos

    Post your 2015 ATAR here!

    96.25, decent but missed out my goal by 0.05
  4. Mythos

    The Woolworths Thread

    so i got an interview for the role of fresh food team member at woolies. Any advice on what to wear and what to expect in the interview? thanks
  5. Mythos

    Do my subjects scale well?

    Apart from adv eng and bio, i think ur subjects are on the low end of scaling
  6. Mythos

    signing out?

    You should be able to sign out after the set date
  7. Mythos

    What is so special about James Ruse or any other selective?

    Yea they care about it, they just dont study to do anything about it
  8. Mythos

    What is so special about James Ruse or any other selective?

    attended a local public school, moved to selective school in yr 11, this is pretty accurate
  9. Mythos

    Not showing up to an exam?

    Lmao dont screw other people over, just write nothing
  10. Mythos

    What makes english extension 1 good/bad and do you recommend doing it?

    eng ext1 has literally no work load and is much easier than advanced
  11. Mythos

    Raw Marks

    what does a raw mark of mid 70s scale to?
  12. Mythos

    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Yeaaa phys is over, may be able to scrape a mid band 5
  13. Mythos

    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    fk, time to learn the entire physics course
  14. Mythos

    Will I get zero? Not my fault

    nothing would happen to you, don't worry about it, they only care about the other person
  15. Mythos

    General Thoughts: Senior Science

    rip state rank
  16. Mythos

    Raw marks

    Once you get to 90+ raw it doesnt align as well, 90% will probably go to 93, 92% to 94
  17. Mythos

    Raw marks

    Yea it will be around 82 this year
  18. Mythos

    Raw marks

    a high 70s/low 80s would align to a band 6
  19. Mythos

    2U 2015 Discussion Thread

    if you didn't write similar triangles for q16c (i) do you lose a mark? i just equated the ratios :/