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  1. trumpet geek

    Important: Australian Jazz Composers

    judy bailey!!!!!!!!!!
  2. trumpet geek

    Trumpeters Unite!!

    hey remember ur mandatory topic piece doesnt have to be australian - as long as it was written in the last 25 years then its ok... why the hell am i writing this your hsc performance would have been over by now!! for most of yous anyway....
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    i think he did Bmus Ed at the con like aaaaages ago
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    yeah man Luke is like multitalentedness. I still remember when i auditioned for Newtown high he was in my audition workshop for music and you could just sooo tell straight away that he had the um... err.. the X factor... u know what i mean. Oh by the way guys make sure you get the 2003...
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    but he doesnt do it very well.
  6. trumpet geek

    ska band

    man this is an old thread but hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha tha trumpet player is RIGHT HERE
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    hehehehehehehe Tim, your GREAT!!!
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    Moon's gone to GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!! Nooooo....................... !!!!!!!! We'll miss you Moooooooooon!!!!!!!!!
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    Can't Practise!!

    play trumpet or die
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    Mc Donalds Performing Arts Comp.

    Im going in the MCDonalds Challenge this year!!! I enterd it last year and i got real annoyed cos this other chick played the same piece as me and she came 3rd and i came nothing... o well! Hm.... i thought about playing Rhapsody in Blue for this years comp but the chick who won last year played...
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    Trumpeters Unite!!

    um... i dont want to have to argue about this but.... Sergei is waaaaay hotter!!
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    my old trumpet teachers husband is an amazing jazz sax/ eupho player - so i spose its not imposible to play both woodwind and brass
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    Luke went to my school and he was in my music class Ooooohhh good old high school days!!! Everybody loves him!!!!
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    HSC performance pieces

    Ooohhh welll!! just remindin u that for your core piece it doesnt have to be by an australian composer as long as it was written in the last 25 years then it should be sweet. Argghhhh there are like not enough decent repertoire for the trumpet esp in aus music .... dont worry, one day when i...
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    HSC performance pieces

    Hhehee - good luck with summer bird - i can guarantee u that 49.95% of the hsc trumpet players across the state will play that piece so u better pull it off really well!! (the remaining 50.05% of the nsw trumpet population will play either ingition positive by hindson or that taxi piece) I...
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    what exactly does 'representative of the elective topic' mean?

    nah dont play it. I know it sounds silly but its unsafe to play a piece thats originally baroque, even if its altered. I had the same problem with my comp - i wanted to write a big band piece that had elements of baroque in it but my teacher wouldnt let me, cos the markers are looking for...
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    Concerts and Recitals

    come to concert prac this friday at the con the brass ones gona be held in recital hall east and all the first years are gona play it should be good
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    The Sydney Conservatorium Students Thread

    OooOooooHHHhhhh i saw da hot trumpet guy again today mmmmmm... yummy is the aural perception mid semester test during normal aural class time cos if it is then im screwd cos then mine would be on tomorow... uh oh!!
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    Conservatoriums - GENERAL: Entry, atmosphere, auditions etc.

    Ooooohh that music skills test thing was fucking hard i was seriously shittin in my pants while i was doin it i almost started crying but i somehow managed to get into the top stream class for harmony and aural... but im struggling soooo much arghh i hate it stupid perfect pitched people im my...
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    The Sydney Conservatorium Students Thread

    um..... year 12!! hehehe!