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    Share your 2011 ATAR here

    72.5 :) lol at the people complaining about getting in the 90's
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    atar estimate?

    ADVANCED ENGLISH 4/30 - 85% MODERN HISTORY 5/10 - 80% PDHPE 3/40 - 75% FOOD TECH 2/16 - 80% BUSINESS STUDIES 3/42 - 75 -80% VISUAL ARTS 1/13 - 90% school ranks - 400s
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    General Thoughts: Visual Arts

    I focused more on cultural and subjective through structural frame.
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    General Thoughts: Food Technology

    Thankyou BOS!, very basic and easy test, they didn't put any tricky questions which i loved!
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    art works returned!

    dont get your heart set on it, its actually really dodgey how they accept works, seems like the museums just pick artworks to be displayed based on themes, like last yrs art express at nsw art gallery theme was happiness, soo all artworks based on happiness were picked..
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    General Thoughts: Visual Arts

    Section 1: 1) 1 page 2) 2 pages 3) 3 Pages Section 2: question 8, 5 pages - talked about how artists either define and emphasize their culture or challenge it- with reference to Ancient works, Renaissance -Da vinci, Modern - Duchamp and Picasso, Contemporary - Kruger, Banksy,Kasuma
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    General Thoughts: Visual Arts

    Best exam ever! so easy and broad. Loved it!
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    General Thoughts: PDHPE

    ahhh lets hope lol, my p.e. teacher told me, but than again i dont think he knew that it was a 12 mark question. should be right though
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    General Thoughts: PDHPE

    I also did the effects of thermoregulation and accliminisation, but apparently we had to only talk about the altitudes and pollution :/ thats why i was a bit concious that i bombed that question
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    General Thoughts: PDHPE

    I had sports medicine also, and sport and physical activity in australia, that option was soo specific, whereas sports med 12 marker was merely based on climate, thought it would cover a larger extent of the option.
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    General Thoughts: PDHPE

    yeah i did, if you were assessing an unconcious person than you use Drabcd but i didnt go in detail it was just a paragraph amongst the answer
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    General Thoughts: PDHPE

    soooo agree, the 12 markers were just too specific and a minimal part of the options
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    General Thoughts: PDHPE

    real poor choice of questions this year, but overall good exam.
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    Section 2 - Creative Writing

    cheeringggg soo much!, my story was about an old man who just lost his wife and was reminiscing in his old house before he goes to an old folks home. Hope its not cliche!
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    Module A: Frankenblade was amazing!!! Anyone could of killed that question Module B: Hamlet was a bit iffy, however the question was overall general, so the markers should be open to difference of opinion. Module C: Fiftieth Gate, most General question ever! THANKYOU BOS!
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    Relationships & HSC

    Really? break up with your partner for exams?, If you really need to split with your bf/gf for exams than how are you going to deal with a partner in the real world, HSC is nothing compared to the demands of the workplace. HSC is not worth destroying relationships. Ok a couple can focus a little...
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    any one else screwed for paper 2 englis -.-

    haha well I have to remember about 18 quotes and concepts to assist Hamlet, Frankenstein + Bladerunner and The fiftieth gate....hope I remember :(
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    Advanced English, PDHPE, Food Technology, Business Studies, Visual Arts and Modern History...

    Advanced English, PDHPE, Food Technology, Business Studies, Visual Arts and Modern History ATAR AIM = 70 :) UWS Bachelor of PDHPE
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    Frankenstein and Bladerunner

    hmm im not sure but my teacher is a HSc marker and we had to start by describing both texts and how they coincide, for example frankenstein and bladerunner both reflect dehumanisation and the deterioration of nature, than by this statement we went into similar concepts of what it means to be a...
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    Section III - Business Report

    I got most of it right except for the financial issue bit, Lol i said to create a flat structure instead of heirarchal, and to vary business practices and policies to gain employee satisfaction instead of financial costs of retraining....ahhaa heres hope the markers give me some marks on the...