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  1. JRO

    Subject you like/dislike most?

    Note that I don't really hate any of my subjects, so think of it as those I like most to least. 1. Studies of Religion II I love SOR, like, seriously- probably helps that its my top subject too.. 2. (i)Legal Studies / (ii)Economics / (iii)Modern History I know, defeats the purpose of the...
  2. JRO

    Scared of being cyberbullied

    Look firstly, your computer is like a veil, always bloody is. You can say whatever you want to anyone or about anything (within reason) and not have to 'face' the person 'face to face', and the likelyhood of you knowing THAT many people on here is rather small. So, that being said, say what you...
  3. JRO

    Is it possible to get 90 Atar with these subjects?

    Pray tell what are your "drop kick" subjects lol?
  4. JRO

    Working in free periods?

    I never did anything in my frees, got in a bit of strife for it too I might add. I always did work in them if I had an assessment in the upcoming periods and an assignment with a closing-in due date, but I wasnt ever as consistant as I wanted to be. During term 3 I worked out how to do abit...
  5. JRO

    Found a good related text but...

    Just out of curiosity, what was the movie you had in mind, and how did you come up with it lol?
  6. JRO

    Question 3 - usefulness

    Similar to what I've done. Just with a brief comparison. The question is always assess usefulness to a historian studying [...]. So you can compare their usefulllness, but on that note, not saying one is totaly useful and the other is useless (all sources are useful). "Hence, both sources C...
  7. JRO

    What have YOU done so far?

    Yeah, 10 days to go yet soo much to do. Why is it that when you finally get motivated to do hours upon hours, the holidays might as well have been over. :mad1:
  8. JRO

    What have YOU done so far?

    I prioritised; - Did (pretty much completed and polished off) Economics assessment which is due second day back. - Completed most tasks we were given in class for the holidays. - Tied up any loose ends in existing notes, finished any incomplete ones, especially within Legal and Modern (massive...
  9. JRO

    world war one historiography

    Mhm, so long as you get the general jist of what the historians opinions are. You can paraphrase it to better suit your argument or complement the flow of your response. Examiners tend to like it because your using the historians name and concept, yet molding their opinion with yours...
  10. JRO

    HSC: Recommended websites/study guides/books

    I most definitely second that. We registered as a class with the library, one of the most useful legal studies aids I've found.
  11. JRO

    Question 3 - usefulness

    We were generally taught that you SHOULD conclude with a brief comparison of the sources in regards to how useful/reliable they may be to the historian studying the topic in question. I've found it makes a solid and strong conclusion yet also shows reasonable deapth of analysis.
  12. JRO

    Nature of trench warfare dot point

    Probably not a bad idea to mention something about the effectiveness or better yet the significance of trench warfare in [deciding the outcome of WWI]/[causing stalemate] etc...