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    USYD Economics or UNSW Economics.

    I am asking for a friend - in terms of employability, quality of course, etc? He's planning to apply here as a student from New Zealand.
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    What’s the min Eng Adv mark that still gets a 99.95 ?

    Surprisingly, they're not number 1 in English (There's a girls' private school that ranks 1st, and I know Baulko usually ranks higher than Ruse in terms of English). But I have a mate who got 90 for English Advanced, not from Ruse but ended up with a 99.95. Granted his other subjects were in the...
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    is it worth to pay for a remark?

    You may also need to consider the HSC Examination Marks. Something similar happened to myself. My mate was ranked higher than me and I had lower marks than them in our Year 12 reports, and we had similar external marks, but for the internals I ended up receiving a higher mark for some reason. I...
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    That sounds illegal, is it? And I only got 2 more marks higher than Person B for the final Assessment Mark for internals, yet when I saw my ranks at the end of the HSC I will still below them. How would they rig it? The HSC is behind me now but I'm curious...
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    Nope. Unfortunately it's the same. Luckily for me, I was Person A.
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    I've no idea what's going on. But it's a Continuers Language course. I forgot the exact number of the number of people doing it but it's between 20 and 30.
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    Yes I did. Person A ranked lower than Person B, yet Person B got the lower internal mark.
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    Let's say Person A has a certain mark for their final Year 12 report. Person B has a mark a bit higher than that. Person A also ranks lower than Person B (by a few places). But when they both look at their internal and external marks because of the NESA leak a few days ago, they got an external...
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    Free energy and Equilibrium

    Do we need to know that for the hsc?