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  1. sami90210

    maths prereq for usyd

    Hi all, I want to study science along with international studies however I don't have the advanced math prereq for science. My friend heard from a student at USYD that although USYD says they look at an advanced math prereq to allow you to study certain degrees (science, math, engineering...
  2. sami90210

    year 10 to 11 holidays, what needs to be studied to prepare for year 11 2U ?

    Hi everyone I am a student from 5.2 math going into Advanced mathematics in year 11. I know I will struggle if I don't spend these holidays preparing for the content in year 11, most of which I don't have background knowledge of as I have been in 5.2. However I will work hard, so if anyone...
  3. sami90210

    Do UNSW Engineering degrees require MX1 and physics before enrolling?

    I'm seeing on the School of engineering website that Aerospace engineering degree assumes that you have a good amount of knowledge in physics and MX1 and my problem is that I do not do either. are there bridging courses etc or should I just lose all hope for engineering lol
  4. sami90210

    hows everyones holidays

    its so dead here during the holidays how is everyone going yall been studying or what hehe
  5. sami90210


    ppl who did SAC prelims how did everyone go omge I'm not gonna be surprised if I get 0 replies cuz the SAC discussions always dry asf
  6. sami90210

    anyone treating BoS like social media?

    it's the only platform other than quora that's not blocked by our school, the relaxed environment of year 10 (especially at my school) makes me come here every period lol
  7. sami90210

    chemistry or physics

    Hi all I have chosen chemistry for next year (I'm in year 10 lol) but everyone I speak to in year 11/12 says its so bad and that they're going to drop it/have dropped it. I think schools have an option to change a subject within the first week of year 11 or something, should I drop chem and pick...
  8. sami90210

    5.2 year 10 math to 2u ?

    any advice for someone doing 5.2 math that's chosen advanced for year 11?
  9. sami90210

    UCAT at uni?

    If you don't get into undergrad medicine in year 12 you can do UCAT every year until you graduate uni right? so if you do well in the UCAT in uni, do they still look at your ATAR or do they look at your uni GPA for them to give you an offer in undergrad medicine?
  10. sami90210

    French or Spanish beginners? help

    Should I do french or Spanish beginners with NSL? I have some knowledge of both but can comprehend french much better. However, I know that Spanish will help me a lot more in the future as it is more useful, and I can learn Italian if I know Spanish. Please advice me ASAP as I need to submit...
  11. sami90210

    Scared for Prelim and HSC society and culture

    A little context I am a year 10 student studying society and culture as an accelerated course. Meaning that I'll be doing prelim this year term 3 and HSC exam next year for SAC as a year 11. We submitted our mini PIPS 2 weeks ago and people are getting their grades, but I'm seeing some are...