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    Section IV Help

    I think your method, while correct, is a very roundabout way to answer the question. Something simpler, but more effective would be: Identify and define indicator (as per the syllabus). Link to a human resource strategy/process (e.g. training and development for accidents, dispute resolution...
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    MOCK Paper 2 - HSC English Advanced

    A mock exam covering Module A, Module B and Module C for the HSC English Advanced course.
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    MOCK Paper 1 - English Advanced

    A paper 1 mock examination for the Texts and Human Experiences Module of the HSC English Advanced course.
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    Business Studies Marathon

    Here's a challenging business report for a potential band 6 student to try :) (something along the lines of 2016/2017 HSC when the Section 3 was varied slightly from the norm). Also, a two new multiple choice questions:
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    Mod A

    No, the only English Advanced module that requires critics is Module B.
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    Business Studies Exam Section IV

    HSC has never asked about processes since the 'new' syllabus was introduced in 2012. There's always a first time for everything, though, so it's good to be prepared. CSSA and Independent papers have asked about processes several times in the past - so if your school is using these papers...
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    Mod A

    It's highly unlikely that that can happen. The module rubric does, however, specify that students should be writing in imaginative, creative forms during the module. So it's definitely a possibility that the HSC could ask it "QUOTE" Write an extended response that challenges or affirms this...
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    is Covid 19/ pandemics environmental ethics or bioethics?

    Hi there! COVID-19 definitely falls under bioethics - particularly if you're studying Christianity, you can consider varying denominations' approaches to the vaccines (i.e. created from human embryos), which is a great contemporary example to bring into any essays and short responses. Hope...
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    Literary Worlds Creative

    Hi all, Is anyone willing to read over a creative for a recent assessment I did? I just need to find some opinions outside my school's own on how to write them. Much appreciated!!
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    Extension 1 - Critical/Narrative Theory?

    Hi everyone My school has always taught that critical and narrative theory should be included in extension 1 responses, particularly for the Common Module Literary Worlds. But on the HSC Marking Feedback for the 2020 paper, the first comment read: "Students should....demonstrate their knowledge...
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    I think it's a great choice - you're addressing the political/social upheaval the rubric demands, as well as personal upheaval of beliefs. Context links are great as well. Make sure you can find narrative/literary theory to apply to your study of it, which may be difficult given its more...
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    New Syllabus - Dilations

    Our first HSC maths assessment is next week, examining the first three topics covered from the new syllabus: graphing techniques, integration and geometrical applications of the derivative. Within the graphing techniques chapter, NESA has introduced the topic of dilations, which isn't covered...
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    I just looked at the Sydney Distance Education website and it looks pretty good. I have a best mate who also wants to do economics, so I’ll probably see what he’s thinking tomorrow and go from there. Thanks for the help, it’s really useful! words cannot describe my obsession with Nicki. My...
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    With regards to distance education, what sort of options are available for that? I’m assuming you mean external tutoring; do you know of any tutors that could possibly teach me the subject? The prerequisite is ridiculous and I’m not too sure why the school set it - it’s not been in place in...
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    I've already made a list with everyone's signatures, and the assistant principal doesn't seem to care. The general consensus between parents is that business studies is a fair alternative to economics, so that's what most students are doing. It's a private Catholic school, so I'm not sure how...
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    So our grade has already selected subjects for next year and I preferenced economics second as I was very confident it would run and it's a passion of mine. Turns out it's not running due to a lack of interest, so I'm in a bit of a problem.... Typically I'd accept it, but our school has a weird...
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    Should I do EXT 2 ENGLISH OR EXT 2 MATHS???

    Yeah, definitely. Just email her before you do to give her a heads up.
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    Should I do EXT 2 ENGLISH OR EXT 2 MATHS???

    It's completely dependant on your school and the protocols they have in place, but I'd suggest emailing the head of department to confirm the interview times and, if you miss out, let him/her know you are interested.
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    technique help lol

    There's no specified technique, however, it would come under the sentence's syntax: if it's long, short, compound, etc.
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    Atar estimate pleaseee

    High 80s to mid 90s.