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    entry interviews

    just found out i have an interview w penrith tmrw morning for entry in y10, does anyone have any idea on what questions they'll ask? and like just the gist of everything, i havent heard from the other schools yet, its still pretty early anyway
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    cancelled hast??

    apparently, they cancelled the hast so im guessing its just based on reports and the things you've submitted. kinda happy sdjfdjfjd
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    selective school application 2022 for y10

    ok so I'm having trouble deciding which schools to apply for, I'm definitely trying for baulko and girraween (efficient travel time) but I'd rather if I use all my 3 preferences so I don't miss out. I'm contemplating if I should try out for fort street bc I live kinda far?? like more in the...
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    idk what selective schools i should apply to for

    ok so im currently in year 9 hoping to apply into a selective school for year 10 2022 im a straight A student, GPA of 5.0, DUX of my grade since year 7 and running...., im in the volleyball team, debating team, art club. i do piano and clarinet etc. im not from a selective school though. i also...
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    selective school yr 8 - 11 application advice 2022

    um basically just what to put on there, what to avoid. what schools seems to like etc. maybe applying to baulko, ruse, girra kinda not to hopeful on ruse tho cs ykyk its very hard to get into
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    selective entry y10 2022

    idk if i should try out for ruse??? im currently in yr 9 and thinking of applying to baulko, ruse or girra for yr 10 2022 im a straight A student, DUX of my grade two years in a row, im in the school volleyball team, debating club, art club, ambassador. i do extra curriculars, such as piano and...