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  1. wzsmartypants

    y9 maths questions

    Hi everyone im working on one of the year 9 past papers from NBHS and this last section didn't have solutions included, while I've got many questions for this section. It would be SUPER helpful if someone could tell me if I got these answers right :) 17. $690.55 18. $205.80 ok i think for...
  2. wzsmartypants

    do you guys use correction tape?

    I used to. Now I'm thinking of getting new ones. Or should I just cross them out :
  3. wzsmartypants

    Selective Entry Thread 2021 (Lockdown)

    Hi if anyone gets an interview or get anything back please reply on this thread thanks. I'm applying into year 10 for Hurlstone, Fort Street and Normanhurst. All tests have been postponed (again) due to the extension of lockdown.
  4. wzsmartypants

    English essay tutor

    Hi i’m in year 9 and looking for an affordable and experienced english tutor to help me with writing an essay. preferably inner west area. i suck at writing btw
  5. wzsmartypants

    Quotation marks usage

    I am very confused. I think my English teacher follows the American way. Can somebody explain? I'm gonna be writing essays soon on important exams soon. From https://www.eliteediting.com.au/avoiding-americanisms-when-using-australianbritish-english/ Quotation marks: This is one of the most...
  6. wzsmartypants

    is going tutoring discriminating and unfair?

    I go to a shitty partially selective school and whenever someone mentions tutoring(me) or does tutoring work in class(me) this kid gets very mad (i do maths one year ahead in tutoring). he gets straight A’s and has never done tutoring, according to him, tutoring is unfair and education should be...
  7. wzsmartypants

    Selective Yr10 entry

    Does anyone know how many people tryout and get in for selective schools y10 entry? Especially Hurlstone.
  8. wzsmartypants

    Selective school holidays

    To those who are in selective schools, going to apply for selective schools, people who just got into selective schools and people who get straight As: What do you guys do during the holidays? Study? If so, how?
  9. wzsmartypants


    just wanted to be first
  10. wzsmartypants

    Good attendance rate

    What do you guys think would be a good school attendance rate in high school? 90%? 95%? Just wondering lol is 4 absences in a semester a lot XD
  11. wzsmartypants

    Selective: NAPLAN results

    Just wondering if selective schools value their yr 10 applicants' NAPLAN results since I haven't done the yr 7 one and application close at June or July while NAPLAN yr9 results come out at mid August-september... Would I be disadvantaged?
  12. wzsmartypants

    Maths: Private or Dr. Du?

    I am currently year 8 and doing Dr Du year 9 maths but in the B class (lowest). I also did private tutor last term and now I have to choose between them. Private tutor is more like a personalised stuff and maths olympiad stuff and he sometimes gives me workbooks while for Dr Du, I just study one...
  13. wzsmartypants

    Extracurriculars for Selectives

    Do selective schools REALLY VALUE how much volunteering, music and extracurricular stuff students do outside of school when applying? My tutor said not really as long as you get good reports and do well in tests schools will want you, but some people say extracurriculars are important even if u...
  14. wzsmartypants

    ICAS Results 2020

    When do ICAS results come out? I finished ICAS maths last Thursday, did English a week before maths and did science a week before English.
  15. wzsmartypants

    Selective schools

    This forum is full of people asking for tips on selective interviews lol. For people who got in, how was your reports and extracurriculars cuz I'm probably gonna apply next yr for yr 10 if I don't make selective this yr (likely). This would mean A LOT thanks so much!
  16. wzsmartypants

    2021 Year 9 application

    Hi all! I came to Australia from overseas in October 2019 and is currently trying to apply for a selective school for year 9. I only have one report which is from semester 1 2020. I'm currently in Leichhardt High but not the selective stream. I am an Australian citizen. My school choices are 1...