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    Raw Scores for Bands in General Mathematics

    I am curious to know what the Raw score band marks for General maths at a school would be, if you were to get Bands 1,2,3,4,5,6 for General mathematics. If anyone has a received a mark within these ranges , I would love to have a rough idea of how the mark breakdown is broken down. Based on...
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    Probability Question

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    Probability Question

    Any ideas to kick start this question?
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    davidgoes4wce Useful Maths Questions & Textbook Errata 2017

    This question from A T A R Notes.com by Jacob Silove is confusing. There is no mention of what course Jacob studied and it's the first time I have ever heard of him. Here is an excerpt: Could have better worded it along the lines of: "Find the equation of the line that is perpendicular to...
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    Accepting presents, gifts, invitations from Parents

    Questions for tutors out there, do you accept presents, gifts , invites to events, from parents that you tutor? Must admit I have had some wonderful gifts in my time as tutor. One family feeds me everytime I tutor their son (x 3 times a week), one family provides a cup of hot green tea...
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    Calling anyone from MLC School

    Im just curious , I bumped into a high school student from MLC School the other day and am a bit confused how the transition works from Year 7-10 to 11-12. I am aware that your school offers both the IB and HSC in Year 11 and 12. I was having a look at these links...
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    I've just realised how much the New Century books from Yrs 9-10 make heavy empahsis on the Geogebra software. Have any students here used it on regular basis during their high school years? For me I definitely found that doing and designing the circles improved my understanding of circle...
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    HSC 2017 Electrotechnology Marathon

    Decided to open another thread on the Electrotechnology subject for 2017.
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    HSC 2017 Business Studies Marathon

    Decided to open up a Business Studies Marathon for any current or former HSC students to discuss any content related to this subject. I've done some accounting and finance units before but hardly remember any of it as I did it a long time ago. Thought it would be good to brush up a few...
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    Year 9-10 Maths Discussion & Resources

    Discuss all your questions for maths related topics for the year 9-10 curriculum here. If you have any links to past tests, exam papers from your school that would also be nice (if you decided to share). I also decided to create a poll about what textbook your school uses. (If your school uses...
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    Calling any Year 12 Maths Advanced students from Kambala

    For the students that have finished the 2016 Maths Advanced Trials at Kambala was wondering if you had your school trials? I ask mainly because the HSC maths exams have finished and am wanting to suss out some more questions before 2017. If there is a price attached to that paper would be happy...
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    davidgoes4wce Useful General Maths Questions & Textbook Errata 2017

    Decided to create this thread to kick start the 2017 HSC :jump:
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    China- Places to see , things to do

    Anyone here been there? Any recommended places? thinking of doing a short stop there for 6 weeks by the end of this year.
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    Which A-League team do you support?

    I created a poll to see which A-League team most boredofstudies forumites support.
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    Interstate Transfer

    Was curious to know if anyone knew of anyone that did a transfer to Sydney University law through an interstate university? What kind of GPA would they be looking for Law? (say end of the 1st year of academic study) I've also read a few posts on here saying that there is some weight towards...
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    What Music are you listening to now

    Flo Rida - Wild Ones ft. Sia
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    Euro 2016 Thread

    Who will win Euro 2016 ? We are down to the last 8 in Euro 2016 now. Still coming to terms with Englands exit last night.
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    Question to Tutors/Tutoring Schools: Have you ever rejected a student?

    Question to tutors out there, have you ever rejected a student because you considered them to be 'not good enough'? From what I have read of some of the tutoring schools in Sydney, is they have rejected students (or put them in lower classes) because they were deemed not good enough and may...
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    E3 Cut offs for Maths Extension 1 & Maths Extension 2

    Had a discussion on the weekend in the other threads about what the minimum cut-off for an E4 was. Want to ask/and discuss what the minimum cut off for an E3 in terms of raw marks in an exam. I had an estimate that a 76% raw mark in MX1 and 68% raw mark in MX2 the other day. There isn't...
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    IB Maths Marathon

    $ Decided to open up a thread on all questions related to the IB Diploma . The IB is a curriculum offered by most New South Wales schools and around the world as well. Thought we could get a bit more discussion up and going on a single thread. $ $ Will start off with this question From SL...