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  1. Etho_x

    Need ideas for Chemistry depth study (all ideas appreciated!)

    Currently starting my Chem depth study which is based on Module 7 and Saponification. Our task for the depth study is to investigate how a change of variable during the production of soap(s) in the laboratory affects its cleaning action. I have an idea for the change in variable i.e. different...
  2. Etho_x

    Extreme demotivation

    Usually, I guess I'd be the one on here trying to give advice whenever possible but today it honestly seems like I need a LOT of help. Since the start of Term 4, my marks have just gone for a dip. I ended up performing really really well in Year 11 (getting 90+ for some of my subjects in...
  3. Etho_x

    Any 2021 Sci Ext peeps?

    Nobody on here is doing Sci Ext change my mind
  4. Etho_x

    How's everyone coping with Year 11 so far?

    Phew, it's already Week 7 haha. Unbelievable how time passes so quickly. Just wanted to check in with the 2021 cohort and see how everyone's doing! Personally, even though the subject algorithm messed up my subjects and I had to choose Physics instead of SDD, I'm actually showing a bit of an...
  5. Etho_x

    #welcome #general-chat

    Anyone who's doing their HSC in 2021, let's chat down here bout subjects and stuff :) Some suggested questions What year you are graduating? What subjects you are studying? What do you hope to do after HSC? Good study tips / study break ideas?? All the best for the next 12 months !
  6. Etho_x

    Anything to know about Year 11 before I start?

    Hello, I was wondering if there was anything I should know about Year 11, before school commences next year, in regards to self-study and the subjects I've chosen below: English Standard Mathematics Extension 1 Chemistry Biology Drama Software Design and Development My other question is: How...