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    Is mutation in human rare?

    Mutations are very common in humans. For example, cancer is commonly a result of a deleterious mutation which is very common for humans. Mutations are constantly occurring - most of the time they are just fixed.
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    what is hscstudylabs? anyone had it before?

    This is a great online resource and would recommend using it. I think it is important with anything, however, to use multiple resources to really refine and deepen your understanding. I have noticed that each resource provides my students with another perspective which is very important when...
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    Differentiation Module Test Past HSC exam questions

    Extensive revision of HSC questions covering past years' differentiation questions with answers available.
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    Financial Mathematics module exam

    Exam covering standard mathematics A & B finance
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    Looking for an Eng Adv and Phys Tutor

    Hi, I tutor physics. You can have a look at the resources I use to tutor on my website - edzion - if you are interested feel free to private message me.
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    Max Min Optimization exam style problem set.

    25 mark exam which is supposed to take around 45 mins in an exam setting. This includes both past HSC style questions and new questions. Good luck!
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    Polygenic traits vs codominance vs incomplete dominance

    Hi, This is the answer to a question I saw in a thread about the difference between codominance vs incomplete dominance and where polygenic traits fitted into it. I am not sure where the thread went - if it was deleted or I just can't find it. Hope this helps! Incomplete dominance occurs when...
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    Effectiveness of Online Courses?

    We always tailor our online lessons to start with building a foundation for our students. From there we build them up with more difficult questions through too extension exercises. If you do use an online course as opposed to a tutor, make sure the course is exposing you to applying the...
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    Science Tutoring

    Band 6/E4 in Physics, Chem, Biology, and science extension - all my lessons are preprepared and available on my website, please message me for the link if you would like to preview my work or google Edzion. I have been tutoring for 7 years now and have been tutoring science for 2 years. My...
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    which subject should i drop??

    I found that the majority of my students who keep six subjects as opposed to dropping to five are more productive with their time since they have less of it. This cuts out procrastination and often results in their extra subject helping them to develop skills that help with their other subjects...
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    How much do we need to know on the "analyse the features of fertilisation, implantation and hormonal control of pregnancy and birth in mammals"section

    Hi, I made a lesson on this dot point which covered the menstrual cycle, and the different hormones as well as the process of fertilization and implantation. I am going to add videos by the end of today for that lesson for you, however, you do not need to know this in that much detail and is...
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    What is this supposed to mean?

    I've seen many students go ahead during the holidays, this usually gives them an edge and leads to stronger performance in the upcoming assessments of this term. However, those that do better also take time to recharge. Don't burn yourself out but it can be great to learn ahead. Regards, Edzion...
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    Chemistry New Syllabus Advice / Sample Answers by an Experienced HSC Tutor

    In order to unify your understanding for modules 5, 6 and 7 I typically teach my students how all the chemistry concepts link to the concept of Gibbs free energy. Understanding this makes chemistry an easier subject to grasp as well as improves your understanding hence your ability to answer...
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    Physics Time Question

    Hi, this question can be done if you account for the fact you know the rate of rotation of the earth (24 hours (86400 sec) for one revolution). Using trig we can calculate the angle this moves through where one side r and our hypotenuse is r + 1.7 m. We can then find theta which equals t * 2 pi...
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    Making Notes

    If you were to spend 4 hours of writing notes, this would be the equivalent of one hour of study using exam questions and writing answers. I usually recommend preparing some answers to common questions. These can be your "study notes" which will actually help you in the exams. Regards, Edzion...
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    what should i do over the holidays?

    I would recommend learning ahead, this usually gives students an edge in the second term which is crucial if you want to get the top rank in your school as top students typically rank neck and neck in the third and fourth assessment taks.
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    whats learning biology like, other then the heavy content based reputation?

    The new syllabus physics favors being able to work mathematically, whereas, biology is all about knowing and expressing the concepts. In saying this, biology may end up scaling better as you will likely excel due to your writing ability, therefore, you will perform better. Good luck and I hope...
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    holiday work?

    This depends on how you learn best. Some people spend their time doing questions and essays instead of writing notes - this usually allows you to remember the content as well as develop the skills for the course. Learning ahead is also incredibly useful and will provide you with an edge. Good...
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    Depth Study Tips

    One of the most important things to demonstrate in a depth study is to show the growth in your understanding if they are getting you to do a log book of your learning.
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    Past: Fermentation to create alcohols, pickling for extending shelf life. Present: BT cotton - more resistant, human insulin-producing recombinant plasmids Future: Genetic engineering in humans to remove potential diseases from the gene pool - ethical issues associated with this.