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  1. thetestdude

    What's your favourite sport?

  2. thetestdude

    Does God exist?

    What a scammer lol.
  3. thetestdude

    With a handle

    With a handle
  4. thetestdude

    past papers

    I don't really know. I'm not entirely sure if this might have changed since last year which is when I shared it. But yeah no worries.
  5. thetestdude

    past papers

    The last time I shared a Catholic paper on here I received a warning plus an angry mod on my case. Good to know they can be shared now 👍
  6. thetestdude

    When do we get our uac account?

    Got those preferences ready?
  7. thetestdude

    SylviaB will teach us to love one another? Finally, the world is at peace. Ahhhh *dies*

    SylviaB will teach us to love one another? Finally, the world is at peace. Ahhhh *dies*
  8. thetestdude

    UNSW or UTS?

    It looks amazing haha! The mods are lucky to have you.
  9. thetestdude

    UNSW or UTS?

    CM_Tutor really becoming a mod everywhere. Congrats! 👏🏻
  10. thetestdude

    Presents for your significant other

    Having a significant other is a present to begin with. :)
  11. thetestdude

    UNSW or UTS?

    Can't advise on which degree to enrol in because I don't know much about CS. I think @Drdusk knows quite a bit about CS. However, a WAM of 65 is generally not so hard to achieve. It's a credit average. If you feel this may be too hard for you to achieve (which I don't think you will) then you...
  12. thetestdude

    ~60 atar

    You can achieve a great ATAR with your subjects (not just 60). Since you sit your HSC next year, use year 11 to determine which subjects you will keep for next year.
  13. thetestdude

    ~60 atar

    @matt flyn 👆
  14. thetestdude

    ~60 atar

    50+ Try to get 60+ though if you want to secure a 60 ATAR.
  15. thetestdude

    ~60 atar

    Not much actually, you just have to pass/get average marks in most of your exams/assessments.
  16. thetestdude

    Difference between English Standard & English Studies

    Used to be true before. It didn’t count towards one’s ATAR in 2018. I assumed that didn’t change since then, which was not the case.