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  1. jazz519

    Mod 7 nomenclature

    You can name it directly from that form if you are able to visualise it easily from that short hand form. That takes some practice and develops over time, so if you feel more comfortable drawing it out and then looking at it that way you should do that.
  2. jazz519

    mod 6 MC question

    AgNO3(aq) + Cl-(aq) --> AgCl(s) Find moles of AgNO3 using n = CV molar ratio for Cl- moles Use m = n x MM for Cl- mass
  3. jazz519

    mod 5 MC

    Ba(NO3)2(aq) + SO4 2-(aq) --> 2NO3 -(aq) + BaSO4(s) m(fertiliser) = 1.50 g 38.5% of that is sulfate so m(SO4 2-) = 1.50 x 38.5/100 Find moles of SO4 2- from there using n = m/MM Molar ratio between SO4 2- and BaSO4 to find BaSO4 moles Find mass of BaSO4 using m = n x MM
  4. jazz519

    AAA Scholarship UNSW

    The other scholarships are usually the ones that are paid fortnightly
  5. jazz519

    AAA Scholarship UNSW

    I'm not sure if it's changed but when I got the AAA scholarship a few years ago it isn't an ongoing amount that you receive. It was only a one off payment and then no more after that.
  6. jazz519

    Can anyone provide with their previous depth studies so that I can make sure I’m doing everything right

    Ah okay that's a bit different in terms of developing it. I thought you were talking about writing it up after you've performed it
  7. jazz519

    Can anyone provide with their previous depth studies so that I can make sure I’m doing everything right

    Like the others said it varies based on the assessment task. The best way to check if you are doing it correctly is make sure each points in the rubric are addressed. One way to do that is use specific headings for each point. Doing it like that usually leads to a good mark because the teacher...
  8. jazz519

    Help with Question

    Write an equation: Mg(s) + 2HCl(aq) --> MgCl2(aq) + H2(g) Find moles using n=m/MM Do molar ratio with Mg and H2 to find moles of H2 Use n = V/Vm to find volume of H2 gas 25 degrees and 100 kPa means Vm = 24.79 in that above formula (using the data sheet)
  9. jazz519

    Working and studying

    I worked like 20-25 hours at one point (doing a research internship, tutoring and making tutoring materials) each week, while topping most of my courses that year. It's possible to do more than 10 hours without it taking a hit to your marks but it will for sure take a hit to your social life and...
  10. jazz519

    TSP for advanced Science worth it?

    hahaha nah I didn’t drop it for that reason (I actually did better in physics at the beginning). It was cause doing 2 sciences was too much in terms of having labs for both which in 2nd year onward can be around 3-4 hours per subject, so I tried one sem where I did 3 subjects and I had 11 hours...
  11. jazz519

    TSP for advanced Science worth it?

    hahaha never saw him unfortunately I dropped physics after a year
  12. jazz519

    TSP for advanced Science worth it?

    It is true that these kinds of programs can be helpful in finding some early research experience. However, when you say you couldn’t do it without Dayell (or the same version of TSP at unsw) it’s not entirely true. A lot of the unis offer summer research scholarships that are paid that you can...
  13. jazz519

    TSP for advanced Science worth it?

    Tbh after first year I never really did anything with it. Largely because I live quite far from unsw so travelling 2 hours each way to go to the uni to do some extra TSP stuff wasn’t really worth it to me. Also, I was really busy with my uni course, trying to manage my own tutoring business and...
  14. jazz519

    Handwriting - Is mine legible/acceptable for exams?

    Lol what do you mean, your handwriting is very neat. Probably too neat lol takes too much time writing like that
  15. jazz519

    Handwriting - Is mine legible/acceptable for exams?

    I tutor and so mark different kinds of handwriting which can be messy sometimes and I've got to say although it looks nice it is for sure hard to read. What makes it hard to read is not that it is tilted a bit but because your letters are so close together and so end up almost overlapping. That...
  16. jazz519

    Making Notes

    Studying doesn't have a one fits all approach in terms of what leads to good marks and what doesn't. This is because it depends on a large amount of factors like memory capacity of the student, their ability in the subject, studying amount, does the student study efficiently etc. If the method...
  17. jazz519

    2020 HSC+ ATAR results discussion Thread

    You will have to check it yourself to see if there any bonus points. It’s usually listed on the course program on the website when you look at a specific degree. It will say stuff like band 5 in subject and how many points more that gives you. Also, not all degrees have bonus points so just be...
  18. jazz519

    2020 HSC+ ATAR results discussion Thread

    A few of my students got Band 6 which was a great feeling :) However, 2 others got so close on 89, damn I feel their pain to get that close and get trolled Also, congratulations to everyone on this thread. It’s great to see how some of you who I have seen on this forum throughout the year...
  19. jazz519

    Chemistry Tutoring

    Thanks for the mention but as @dumNerd has said I don't do online lessons
  20. jazz519

    Physics, Chemistry or Biology tutoring?

    To answer the question of the original poster. You shouldn't really be getting tutoring for every single subject because as you have mentioned it can be very expensive and in most cases not a value for money. This is because tutoring should just be something that improves your marks in things...