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    Can discursive techniques be used in imaginative texts and vice versa?

    I tend to use the rule of thumb that discursive techniques are used in discursive pieces, visual techniques for films, and poetic techniques in poems etc. However, techniques can be interchangeable, just make sure they're relevant and powerful.
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    Best maths tutoring poll

    Textbook // Google
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    Self learning websites for 3u maths

    If you're really struggling, and Cambridge isn't cutting it, theres always MIF. But they're like $80 - so i recommend just wrapping your head around cambridge.
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    am i allowed to use 3u methods in a 2u exam as a 2unit student?

    Absolutely! A good 2u teacher will try to not advantage a 3u with their tests, but it can happen, and when it does - go for it!
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    99.95 ATAR

    absolute guns, both of you
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    99.95 ATAR

    Indeed i am
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    99.95 ATAR

    PM lmao
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    99.95 ATAR

    Get that persons essays hah
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    99.95 ATAR

    Yeah cool, but you should analyse your class' performance, not previous years. Although both give you a decent idea.
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    99.95 ATAR

    First off, I wish you the best of luck. This is a club that isn't very inviting of new members. Congrats on your mathematics results. They're definitely putting you on the right track. I'm inclined to say you should rank first in both Eco and Modern. I really try to maintain that myself...
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    I'll be in contact over the next week.
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    could use some advice

    Don't drop.
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    is extension english worth it?

    I loved my time in English Ext for Yr11. 11u imo is the sweet spot for Yr12. I also think although the texts are super interesting, and theres way more creative freedom in essays, my teacher was the main reason for the subject being great. So i reckon if you're gonna have a bad teacher for...
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    Apparently we're rare now

    Apparently we're rare now
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    Cheat sheet tips

    Its on the NESA formula sheet...
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    Cheat sheet tips

    not in a million years
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    Cheat sheet tips

    wow. I'd say all the relevant formulae are on the NESA formula sheet, and others that are absent (i.e. auxiliary angles), aren't too difficult to remember, I also don't know how far into the syllabus you are, so idk what to recommend in terms of formula's that aren't on the sheet. I would...
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    Favourite Movies.

    Forest Gump Goodwill Hunting Kung fu Panda
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    is a high atar still possible?

    Imagine you get a 90% on your maths paper. You get it back, and you're over the moon. And in your class of 30, everyone got above 90%. Now you'd be less happy, right? Thats why your rank matters.
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    is a high atar still possible?

    Want90Atar, A 60% on a James Ruse (ranked 1st in the state) mathematics Ext 1 paper could be much harder to achieve than at a school ranked 200th So really saying your mark doesn't mean anything. At face value, your marks have a direct correlation to your rank, in fact they determine your...