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    Music 1 Exam Thoughts

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    Music 2 Exam Thoughts

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    I don't know what to do

    So I received a conditional offer (just need to FINISH the HSC exams) for Advanced Science at MQ. So it's great, and I'm happy, because I was told I could take my "gap" year (in which I wanna work and finished my Advanced Diploma for Accounting) and then start the degree in 2020 - by deferring...
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    MQ Uni Advanced Science degree (Maths)/Applied Finance

    So I've been looking at this link here to figure out what course structure would be like: I'm not sure if it's just me, but a while back I checked and it seems...
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    Binomial Theorem HSC 1985 Q6

    Could anyone help me with part ii of this question? I finished part i and got 14. Im guessing part ii has something to do with using the 3+2x and maybe n=10 and some sort of sub for x. Part from that I'm lost. Any help appreciated, thanks.
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    Assessment Mark Scaling

    Say I get 95 Raw Assessment Mark in 2U Maths at a late 40s ranked school, can I expect it to change at all?
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    English Speeches

    I'm a bit confused as to what is expected in an English speech. Should it be like a spoken essay or does it require to be more "emotional/persuasive". If so, to what extent should the language and phrases be more conversational?
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    Bachelor of Education vs Diploma of Education

    So I'm hoping to do either a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Law or a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at Mq uni. I've been looking around and apparently a Post-grad diploma of education allows you to teach whatever your main degree is. If this is correct, would anyone be...
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    Computer Science with humanities/maths subjects?

    Hey, I'm currently in year 11 and I'm doing: 3U maths (accelerated 2U - hoping to pick up 4U in year 12) Advanced English Physics Music 2 Legal Studies Financial Services Cert III Originally I planned to do SDD instead of Physics, but I heard that the teachers at my school weren't the best...
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    Physical Apps of Calculus Question

    Coroneos 2U Set 17E Q18 (i) A particle is moving along the x-axis. At time t, it is distant x from 0 and moving with velocity v=dx/dt Show that acceleration dv/dt = v(dv/dx) (ii) The acceleration of a body moving in a straight line is proportional to the velocity, i.e. dv/dt = kv, where k is...
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    Paper 1 Section 1

    I have a test coming up for Prelim English Advanced where one of the sections has a similar format to Paper 1 Section 1. What is the best way to prepare/study for this? Thanks
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    Polynomials Question

    For the polynomial ax^3+15x^2-cx-72 : 2 of its roots are: -3 & 2 Find the 3rd root.
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    Exponential Questions

    1. The line y=mx is a tangent to the curve y=e3x. Find m. 2. Show that y=ex-1 and y=e-x intersect when e2x-ex-1=0
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    Permutation question

    A poker machine with 4 wheels and 20 symbols on each wheel has 5 aces on the first wheel, 4 aces on the second and 2 aces on each of the remaining wheels. What is the probability of 4 aces showing?
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    Bonus Points?

    Can you be eligible for any bonus points if you want to a double law degree?
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    Subject Changes (Legal -> Chemistry)

    At the moment, I'm doing Legal Studies but I am seriously considering changing to Chemistry. I would love to do Law in University but I know it's not a prerequisite, and I'm not the best at English. I feel like trying to become better at English will be more stressful than attempting...
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    Debating Tips/Articles?

    Does anyone have any good debating tips or resources that they think helped them and would be willing to share?
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    Methodical Way to Study English?

    So, I've started year 11 and I love all the subjects I've chosen. I have textbooks for all of them and can therefore work through the textbook at my own pace and understand the concepts. But I have no idea how to do this for English. Apart from writing a glossary of techniques, how does one...