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    #demstudymemes #dankmemes

    Post your study related memes/GIFs for that motivation or that real #studylyfe #motivation #procrastination #demrules: 1. They must be related to study or Australian high school related. Other memes to go to Non-School plz. 2. Do not post the same meme twice, that is just lame and also spam...
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    Welcome to the "General Discussion on the 2021 HSC" forum

    [1] Intro Welcome 2021 & 2022 HSC students, to the 2021 Discussion Subforum Please keep the General Discussion on the 2021 HSC forum solely for general discussion relating to the HSC. I'd encourage strongly the sharing of resources in this forum as well such as notes/past papers; although I...
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    Dan's Linear Scaling Atar Calculator

    Convert your ranks into raw marks which you can then paste in the HSC Ninja ATAR (or another suitable) calculator dan's adhoc linear scaling calc. how to use: 1. Enter subject label/name in Column F 2. Enter rank in Column G 3. Enter subject size in Column H 3. Enter no of band 6 in Column I...
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    Share your new syllabus resources + 2019 & 2020 Trial Papers

    Hi guys, If you have trial papers or notes that you would like to share with the student community, please upload them on our Notes & Resources section. It will benefit the wider student community for years to come. As an incentive, I have a dropbox of new syllabus/2019 papers (2020 ones will...
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    Bulk Download Past Papers

    hey all, its been a request long time in the making, but you can now bulk download past papers (sorry mac people, haven't learned terminal scripting so only windows is supported, and only windows 10) To see what is available you still need to obviously jump on the actual website Works with...
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    HSC English Notes (view for free)

    Hey guys, Dan here, HSC English Notes from 2014 for sale (warning: old syllabus content may be present). Texts: - Peter Skryznecki - Frankenstein & Blade Runner - Hamlet - 50th Gate View full file for free (purchase required to print properly and download): HSC English Notes Full Sample Buy...
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    thsconline - new and improved website

    Hi guys If you need some past papers, then you are probably aware of thsconline: thsconline website In particular you will notice that the site pages (well some of them) load a lot faster. All the HTML code, CSS and Javascript (as well as the Google App Script backend) has been written. Some...
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    Excel HSC Study Guide - Mathematics Extension 1 & Extension 2

    Excel HSC Mathematics Extension 1 & Extension 2 Study Guides . Both boths are unused and are as if new. $16.00 ea (or $28.00 ONO for both) Selling as no longer a high school student. Pickup Available from following locations (time to be negotiated) - Wollongong - Sutherland/Engadine - St...
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    2020 Discussion Subforum FAQ & Tips

    [1] Intro Welcome 2020 & 2021 HSC students, to the 2020 Discussion Subforum Please keep the General Discussion on the 2020 HSC forum solely for general discussion relating to the HSC. I'd encourage strongly the sharing of resources in this forum as well such as notes/past papers; although I...
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    2018 Trial Papers Thread

    Please be posting papers Prelim/HSC for future students. (Maths papers from old syllabus are ok, other subjects aren't as useful) 2018 papers - To receive the encrypted Google ID of this folder you will need a BoS account. and have made some...
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    Free HSC Chemistry notes

    Access free HSC Chemistry Notes: I'll update them as I go: Free HSC Chemistry Notes You will need to approve the app! To buy a PDF copy, link will be posted at when I've finished each chapter below...
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    Dan's Creative Scrutinizing Service

    If you want your creative scrutinized then by all means email or send me a nice friendly PM. (or remind me that you sent over email via PM). No cost, except my time. :P
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    2019s Prelim HSC Chit Chat Thread

    Welcome to all the new year elevens! Feel free to introduce yourself and get to know each other on this thread. Please keep it semi "school" related and we all look forward to meeting the new prelim HSC cohort.
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    dan's HSC chemistry notes for sale and free stuff

    Nice LATEX, PDF and Word copies of my notes should be finished, just missing some bits in Chemical Monitoring and Management. Free sample of notes, comes with Word/PDF plus nice LATEX PDF sample too (included in zip and attached separately as well)! attached at end Free word copies (no...
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    temp link for economics trials - last minute revision

    Temp link during site access so you can still practice for the exam on Monday:
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    2018 Resources List & Recommendations

    I'll be adding to this list, and putting various different resources for the 2018 hsc syllabus For now, because I am a bit busy here are some things, more things coming soon. General Resources A selection of HSC Notes
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    MX2 Integration Marathon 2021

    Integration marathon for MX2 2021 Post integration questions within scope of MX2
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    MX2 Marathon

    Welcome to the 2018 Maths Ext 2 Marathon Post any questions within the scope and level of Mathematics Extension 2. Once a question is posted, it needs to be answered before the next question is raised. This thread is mainly targeting Q1-15 difficulty in the HSC. Q16/Q16+ material to be...
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    2017 Maths, Maths Ext 1 & Maths Ext 2 Trials Dropbox

    [SIZE=5]2017 papers from many schools: now on thsconline To contribute to this dropbox:
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    2016 HSC papers for practice here!!!!

    For 2015 and earlier for some subjects, please let me know. Plus while you are at, why not sign up for a Boredofstudies account. To request other subjects to be added, please send a PM. To discuss any of the questions: Create a New Thread here Biology Question Paper Marking Criteria & Sample...