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    @beetree1 The first attachment is from UAC regarding UNSW double law, and it’s just to show you an overview of the lowest, median and highest atars and selection ranks. The second shows how the lat works and the third shows what we need to be competitive Hope this helps :) @beetree1
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    SRS 2020 offer release?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know what time SRS offers are released? Thank you
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    IPT question help

    Hi everyone, Could someone help me with the following question please? It's from the 2003 HSC IPT paper. I have no idea if the IPT syllabus has even changed and if this is included in the new syllabus Thank you!!
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    Length for Module C??

    Hey everyone! I was just wondering, what's the best suitable length (pages) for each part in module C, writing piece and evaluation separately? Thank you!
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    Business Studies HSC section 3 and 4 predictions??

    Hey everyone, So what are your predictions for the business reports/essays in the business exam? Any particular topic you think they'll test this year?
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    English 2020 Trials?

    Hey, Does anyone have any 2020 trials for English Advanced? Thank you!
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    IPT question help- HSC Q6 (2019 paper)

    Hi guys, Could someone help me with the following question please, and provide worked solutions (attached- it’s from the 2019 HSC paper Question 6)? Thank you
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    Advice for ATAR >95

    Hey guys! Just a question, if I'm aiming for an ATAR above 95, say around 97, 98, and hopefully 99 etc, what are some things I should be doing in the last few weeks rounding up the HSC? How many HSC papers should I aim to complete each day? And what are your thoughts on rewriting essays...
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    Legal Studies Multiple Choice Improvement?

    Hi guys! Does anyone have any feedback as to how I can improve my multiple choice scores in legal studies? I'm doing really well in every other section but this section just pulls me down? Any advice? Thanks in advance!
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    HSC papers, or Trial papers?

    So with the HSC just around the corner, I was wondering if it's more suitable to do HSC papers or trial papers? I'm stuck in the middle since trial questions tend to be more difficult, while doing HSC papers gets you accustomed to HSC style questions? Thanks!
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    English Essay marking

    Hey there! Is there a chance I can get in contact with someone who has scored well in their HSC English advanced examination (band 6 and above), or even a HSC marker, who would be willing to mark my base essays for me? The texts I've studied are as follows: - Common Module: The Crucible by...
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    2020 LAT

    Hey y'all! How did you honestly find the 2020 LAT?
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    SCOUT exam (year 6) questions!!

    Hi all! Does anyone have any SCOUT assessment questions for the SCOUT exam that students take in year 6? It was previously called the GAT exam. If anyone has any past papers, websites to get them from, etc, it would be great if you could send them through! Thank you!!
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    LAT help

    Hi y'all! Hope you're all doing well! Does anyone have some advice regarding the LAT (law admissions test) for UNSW? And to anyone that has sat it and is currently studying law at UNSW, can you please provide some guidance? What's it like? Anything we should go over? What should we really...
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    Handwriting help to write neater AND faster

    Hi y'all! Any useful tips that would aid me in writing faster and neater? I write quite fast, and my handwriting is literally illegible. My teachers are speaking to me regarding my handwriting in trials and they are not happy. Any help would be appreciated. Much thanks!
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    Thoughts on 2020 trials?

    So for some of us, trials are coming to an end, or they have already ended (lucky you). What are your thoughts on this years trials (list your subjects and the trial you did e.g if your school writes your own, or Independent, Catholic, etc), and how'd you find them in comparison to past years?
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    Trials on MONDAY !!! omg

    So I have my English trial on Monday, beginning with Paper 1 for English, and Paper 2 right on Tuesday!! I'm extremely nervous for English, any tips?? We're going with the Independent Trial paper! Anything common that occurs throughout independent papers? Much thanks! All the best to...
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    Macquarie’s leaders and achievers help!!

    Hey guys! Hope everyone is well, and everyone’s enjoying their holidays! So I’m applying to the Macquarie’s leaders and achievers early entry scheme and I was wondering if anyone has any advice? What are the type of activities that stand out? Anything specific I should include within my...
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    e12 application advice? help!!

    Hi guys!! So I'm drafting my e12 application for usyd and I was wondering if anyone have any advice to offer? What can really make my application stand out? The first question is about activities, how that would benefit you at uni etc. The second is in regards to best academic achievement...