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  1. LyricalYellow9


    How does everyone keep track of their timetables? I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to have my uni timetable ready, but I can't convert my timetable to google calendar, so I was wondering if there were any apps or sites that current uni students use to remind them of upcoming classes (and...
  2. LyricalYellow9

    need help with majors

    Hi so during enrollment for my course at usyd, I was interested in choosing a major between the following: Computer Science Software Development Neuroscience I would really appreciate if anyone who is enrolled with these majors at any uni could maybe share some insight into things like What...
  3. LyricalYellow9

    chem bridging course at usyd

    So for my course at Usyd next year (B sci / b adv studies med sci ) HSC chemistry is assumed knowledge for a lot of my units and students are 'strongly advised' to take the bridging course before the semester starts to get caught up to speed with everyone else. But I was wondering if it would...
  4. LyricalYellow9

    UAC application help please :(

    So I just checked my UAC application for uni and I applied for 2 courses in USYD, but there was a small sign underneath the course name saying: 'Not eligible - you have not satisfied admission requirements.' and I'm scared, like how did that happen? Could someone please offer some reasons why...
  5. LyricalYellow9

    b science b business help

    What are the job prospects for this combined degree? I'm kind of just running into it blindly, and I think I would enjoy this course (the science part moreso, probably) But also, has anyone taken this course and could provide some advice or opinions? Or any UTS student really, I'd just love to...
  6. LyricalYellow9

    standard english help

    Heyo, so I decided to take English Standard instead of Advanced (biggest regret of my life ngl) and I was looking at how many people got band 6's last year and I was shocked to find that such a small number of people in standard got a band 6 (like 200 out of 30k?) and I was really hoping to get...
  7. LyricalYellow9

    English visual/poetic/prose techniques pls?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a large summary of either visual or poetic or prose techniques that we could use for essays and short answers etc.? I would appreciate anything, thank you :D
  8. LyricalYellow9

    atar estimate

    Hey, could I please get an ATAR estimate? I'd appreciate it a lot :D My internal ranks are: English Std: 5/76 Biology: 15/53 SDD: 1/4 Society + culture: 7/24 Maths 2U: 8/30 Maths 3U: 14/26 My school's rank is 100-110 I'm aiming for a 90 but I'd still be really happy with anything above an 80...
  9. LyricalYellow9

    Tips on how to avoid making silly mistakes?

    So I've been noticing as I do practice questions that I know what to do in a question, but I end up making a really dumb mistake like getting a sign wrong or writing down the formula incorrectly. This is really worrying because I've been doing this consistently no matter how many practice...
  10. LyricalYellow9

    Has anyone here gotten a band 6 in English Standard?

    So I made the big, big mistake of taking English Standard and I've heard that less than 1(!?) percent of all English Standard students get a band 6??? This is insane? 1) Why is this percentage so low? 2) How do you get a band 6 in this subject? 3) What kind of things should you be doing for...
  11. LyricalYellow9

    How big is everyone's SDD classes?

    So in my school, Software D'D is a very new subject that was being offered (I think it started like a year ago? or maybe my year?) so there's only one class and teacher. At the beginning of year 11, we had around 12 people but currently we're down to 4 people in the class. I'm just interested...